University Challenge: Is this the hottest contestant ever? Fans go wild for Oxford beauty


The disciple from North London stunned viewers with her good looks and intelligence, with many of those tuning into the BBC show claiming she was the “best woman”. 

Unfortunately for fans at home, the youngster failed to make it to the semi-final, substance they wouldn’t see her again. 

As the blonde beauty wowed viewers at poorhouse, they took to Twitter to comment on her brains and good looks prior to despairing over her loss in the final round. 

One person watching tweeted: “Not blushing to admit I have a massive girl crush on Johnson #UniversityChallenge.”

While another totaled: “#UniversityChallenge seems to be having many specific shots on Corpus Christi’s Emma Johnson. I CAN’T Think of WHY.”

“Tonights episode of #universitychallenge is probably one of the only ones where we impression a female contestant Corpus Christi’s Johnson is hot,” a third wrote. 

A fourth carry oned: “Corpus Christi Johnson is attractive, dresses well, and has impeccable quizzing consciousness: is she the perfect woman? #universitychallenge.”

When Corpus Christi failed to extend, someone else despaired: “So farewell #CorpusChristi #Johnson and your dulcet attitudes! #UniversityChallenge.”

It comes after fans were left in emotional turmoil finish finally week when favourites Sophie Rudd and Eric Monkman went head-to-head. 

Both trainees have been popular on the long-running series but there could simply be one winner and viewers were left devastated when Sophie was blew out of the competition. 

One fan shared: “As much as I love #monkman, which is a lot, I’m sorry to see the remote of Sophie Rudd and @gileshutchings.”

While someone else noted: “Sophie Rudd has conspiringly on heart been one of the most endearing and inspiring contestants ever to consideration #universitychallenge.”

University Challenge airs on BBC Two on Mondays at 8pm.

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