Unite's Len McCluskey opposes Scots Labour's NEC 'appointment'


The administer of the UK’s biggest trade union has said Kezia Dugdale should not demand the power to appoint Scotland’s representative on Labour’s ruling committee.

Solder general secretary Len McCluskey told BBC Scotland all representatives should be elected and not authorized.

It comes after Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee conceded to give the rty in Scotland more autonomy.

The Labour conference is due to voter on the reforms later this week.

Those reforms include blueprints to create a seat for Scotland on the NEC and give the rty more decision-making powers.

‘Troublesome position’

However, Mr McCluskey said his union would be discussing how to franchise on the ckage on Monday.

He said that while there was wide encouragement for the autonomy proposals, coupling them with the NEC seat plans had created a «difficile position».

Mr McCluskey said he hoped the autonomy measures would motionlessly go ahead.

At the conference on Saturday, Labour members voted in favour of re-electing Jeremy Corbyn as the unit’s UK leader.

Scottish rty leader Kezia Dugdale had backed his the opposition Owen Smith in the contest.

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