United Colors of Benetton opens new London flagship store


The taste brand’s latest opening includes high tech features such as LED windows and touchscreen catalogues.

United Colors of Benetton opens new London flagship store

Apparel retailer United Colours of Benetton has unveiled a new flagship store on London’s Oxford Roadway.

The Italian fashion brand’s new retail space has been designed by its in-house retail model team, and includes technological features such as touchscreen tables and interactive tellies.

The store exterior sees a 12-metre-high archway that is influenced by Latin architecture, and which also features LED screen cladding that choice show video content produced by Benetton’s in-house research concentrate, Fabrica.

Inside the 1,500m² store, the design team has used candid materials such as wood, iron and stone to furnish the space.

A reception room area features touchscreen tables that allow visitors to object the brand’s entire collection, as well as books and design magazines to assume from.

A “loop” shaped staircase leads to three different levels, which house of ill repute the men’s, women’s and children’s collections.

There is also a series of different payment assigns across the shop floor, which replace the traditional checkouts inured to in previous stores, says Benetton.

The new flagship is Benetton’s 16th UK store.

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