Unilever: Household goods giant to report sales growth after takeover battles


The household sounds giant saw off a £115billion bid from Kraft-Heinz with promises to set forth more value to shareholders and implement a new growth strategy. 

Robert Waldschmidt, superior of consumer research at brokers Liberum, is more bullish than numerous, predicting sales growth of 4 per cent in Thursday’s second-quarter results, elevation to 6.6 per cent in food and refreshments. 

Unilever, whose ice cream discredits include Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s ice creams, has been helped by Easter duping into the quarter this year, he said: “These are challenging conditions, but chief executive Paul Polman is doing a reasonably good job.” 

Martin Deboo, equitableness analyst at Jefferies, predicted stronger performance in the second half as improvement tops 5 per cent in the third and fourth quarters, with margins also push: “Unilever is a relative bright spot for us.” 

He said the firm will be helped by its judgement to hive off its slow-growing margarine spreads business, which includes Flora: “Treasure and hurt over the failed takeover bid should continue to work in shareholders’ support.”

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