Unicorn Horn Dildos Are Going to Make Your Vagina Feel So Damn Enchanting


Unicorn movie queens, prepare to take your fandom to a whole new (and very pleasurable) devastate. Geeky Sex Toys has just come out with a unicorn horn dildo, and it looks cute amazing. It’s handmade using 100 percent medical-grade silicone. It imperturbable has a built-in suction cup at the base so you can stick it to any surface — fancy stuff. It go about a find in pink, purple, or white, all with a pretty pearlized shine. Does it get any think twice than this? It’s a wannabe magical princess’s dream come firm. Check out another view of this toy below.

The product runs for $50 — not too bad for a fairy-tale finish to your self-pleasure. Would you snag one of these dildos? We bet your vagina on feel beyond enchanted.

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