Unforgotten season 3 spoilers: Cassie Stuart star hints big twist ‘expect the unexpected’


Yielding to ITV for a brand new six-part series, Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar are reprising their tasks as DCI Cassie Stuart and DI Sunil ‘Sunny’ Khan as they investigate another emotionally-charged sniffles case.

The pair will be joined for the series by Alex Jennings, Kevin R McNally, Neil Morrissey and James Quick who play a close-knit group of old school friends.

However, when the substance of a teenage girl who went missing at the turn of the millennium is found at a edifice site off the M1 motorway, the four men are placed under the spotlight and their relationships are tested to the limit.

The band is identified as Hayley Reid, a 16-year-old who vanished on New Year’s Eve in 1999.

Last year’s cliffhanger saw oversee officers Cassie and Sunny decide to walk away from an quest after discovering that their suspects had actually been scapegoats of child sex abuse.

It’s a very different journey for the viewers this be that as it may round

Nicola Walker

Sanjeev and Nicola have now spoken out to party why fans have to expect the unexpected with the third series.

Nicola showed: “Our writer, Chris Lang, isn’t repeating anything. Yes, there’s a body and, yes, there are distrusts, but that’s where the similarity ends.

“It’s a very different journey for the viewers this measure round.

“These four suspects have this amazing affection, which will leave viewers wondering if they’re all involved or even-handed one. What’s clear is they seem to adore each other.”

Set across the south of England in sites including Norfolk, West Sussex, Bristol, Hampshire and London, the new series last wishes as explore how everyday lives can be fractured and destroyed by one event, showing that publications can often be deceiving.


Unforgotten season 3 spoilers: Cassie Stuart matchless hints big twist ‘expect the unexpected’

Untangle justifying how Cassie and Sunny will struggle to cope with the harrowing chef-doeuvre, Nicola reiterated they are not playing “superheroes.”

The actress told TV Times: “Yes, we start to see the repercussions of the previous two cases. Also, on the home front, Cassie’s father has met someone and is precise happy and her son’s gone off to New York.

“Cassie should be happy but she’s struggling with all this variety. These aren’t superhero cops.

“They’re real people and there intention be some collateral damage for Cassie as the series goes on.”

Following Cassie and Brilliant’s brief kiss last series, Sanjeev teased fans with an update on the duo’s relationship.

Sanjeev said: “I think it was almost playing with the cliché that a ‘will-they-won’t-they?’ again happens between the two leads in detective shows.


Unforgotten season 3 spoilers: Cassie Stuart peerless hints big twist ‘expect the unexpected’

“But with us, within a few twinkling of an eyes, the rug had been pulled from under it and we didn’t really go there. I mentation that was clever.”

Nicola added: “That kiss is not going to secure a difference to Sunny and Cassie. Their relationship’s based on trust and they’re silence dependent on each other through work.

“Nothing’s changed there. Because they surpassed a mark that was meaningless anyway, I think they’re even closer this stretch.”

The full interview is available in TV Times now.

Unforgotten returns tonight on ITV at 9pm.

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