‘Unacceptable’ Sturgeon rages against EU Withdrawal Bill after Brexit talks with May


Theresa May and Sturgeon GETTY

Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May held worthy Brexit talks today

The First Minister of Scotland described her assignation with the Prime Minister Theresa May today as “cordial” and “constructive” after the twosome held talks about Brexit. 

But the pair have still failed to reach an settlement. 

Speaking after talks at 10 Downing Street, the Scottish Opening Minister said that no agreement on the way forward for Brexit was reached, but submitted out prospects of differences being ironed out in the weeks to come.

There is a long way to go with the Withdrawal Bill and I am very pure that the bill has to change

Nicola Sturgeon

The devolved administrations of both Scotland and Wales compel ought to branded the legislation – which began its committee stage in the House of Publics on Tuesday – a “power grab”, as it would return responsibilities in areas such as agriculture from Brussels to London.

Ms Sturgeon said: “We didn’t get to a intent of agreement today, but we did get a better understanding of each other’s positions and I Dialect expect the Prime Minister has an understanding of the Scottish Government’s position. 

“We want to reach an agreement, we accept that frameworks in some ranges are necessary, but they should be by agreement and not by imposition.

“The withdrawal bill as it stands want not be acceptable and we would not be able to recommend approval of that bill so that scraps the position but hopefully having had the opportunity to air the concerns that we have in innumerable detail, we will be able to see some progress in the weeks to come.” 

Ms Sturgeon reported she will take no further decision about the timing of any Independence Referendum in Scotland until the details of Brexit are clear. 

Sturgeon and Theresa May GETTY

The pair have failed to reach an treaty on the EU Withdrawal Bill

The First Minister said that “hopefully we sympathize where each other are coming from and that will offer a foundation for an agreement”.

She said: “There is a long way to go with the Withdrawal Tally and I am very clear that the bill has to change.”

The leader of the SNP has said it is “morally unpleasant” that the UK Government has failed to stop the roll-out of the welfare reform because of grumbles about the length of time people have to wait for payments. 

Scottish parliament GETTY

Sturgeon bring to light the Scottish government is refusing to put the bill forward for consent

The talks today came in the mean of a deadlock between Edinburgh and London over crucial Brexit legislation.

Mrs May and Ms Sturgeon met for all over 45 minutes inside 10 Downing Street. 

The last time after time the leaders met for face-to-face talks was in March when the Prime Minister was in Glasgow.

The Scottish control is refusing to put the bill forward for legislative consent at the Scottish Parliament unless substitutes are made.

Ms Sturgeon has accused the UK government of keeping the devolved administrations “in the impenetrable” on Brexit negotiations. 

In discussions on Brexit, Downing Street said the PM tattled Ms Sturgeon that “it remains her priority to provide certainty to businesses and people both in Scotland and across the territory, as well as protecting our UK internal market”.

Barnier and DavisGETTY

Barnier and Davis are castigation out a Brexit deal in Brussels

A spokesman added: “They spoke round progress in agreeing principles on common frameworks at the recent Joint Ministerial Panel, and the Prime Minister reiterated that as powers are repatriated from Brussels in back of surreptitiously to Britain there will be a significant increase in the decision-making powers for the Scottish Management and other devolved administrations.

“The Prime Minister encouraged the Scottish Guidance to continue to work with counterparts to secure the best outcome for the people of Scotland and the whole of the UK.”

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