UK’s first GENDER FLUID FAMILY: mum is dad, dad is mum and child is non-specific


Nikki, Louise and Star Cloud DravenJacqui Deevoy agency

Nikki, Louise and Star Cloud Draven are Britain’s first gender running family

Nikki and Louise Draven said they do not want their son Eminent Cloud to get “hung up” on being a boy. 

Louise was born a man but is having hormone treatment to alter into a woman, while Nikki was born a woman but identifies as both masculine and female. 

Star views Louise as his mother, although she is her biological institute, and Nikki as his father, although she is his birth mother. 

Nikki said star “chose” to entreat her daddy by calling her “dada”. Nikki dresses as a man on some days and haves high heels, lipstick and a bra on others. 

Louise, 31, said: “Neither of us leak outs hung up on the gender we were born as.

“We don’t want our child constrained by that either. We’re impartial an ordinary family being who we want to be.”

Nikki, Louise and Star Cloud DravenJacqui Deevoy media

Nikki and Louise do not miss their four-year-old son to get ‘hung up’ on being a boy

We never tell Star he’s a boy, we recount him he can be whatever he wants

Nikki Draven

Star, who likes to wear character, paint his nails and play with dolls, wears both fillies’ and boys’ clothes. The four-year-old said he might grow up to be a man or a woman. 

Preceding pub bouncer Nikki, 30, said: “We want to give him the confidence to be who he fall short ofs – growing up, we didn’t have that.

“We never tell Star he’s a boy, we outline him he can be whatever he wants. We don’t buy gender specific toys or clothes and we let him choose what he annoys. Pink is one of his favourite colours.”

“He loves be dressed leggings and, because of his name, he loves clothes with star figures on.

“He loves Barbie dolls, dressing up and fairies – but he also likes toys reckoned as boys’, such as cars.

“We use the words «he» and «him» but don’t make any kind of big deal out of him being one sex or the other.”

Louise started breathing as a woman a year before Star was born, but said she has felt female since the age of eight. 

Nikki before all identified as lesbian when she met Luise, who was then male, at an LGBT encounter in 2011. 

Nikki and Louise BravenJacqui Deevoy media

Star views Louise as his mum and Nikki as his dad

The twosome married in a pagan ceremony in 2012 and are believed to be Britain’s first clearly gender fluid family. 

Star will wear a boys’ unchanging when he starts school in September, but has picked out a pink vest and socks. 

Louise voted: “We don’t tell him who to be. We let him lead us.”

Nikki added: “When we took Star shopping for his discipline uniform we knew he’d need male underwear because it’s more fit for his shape. 

“But he chose pink socks and vests and we’re more than ecstatic for him to go like that.”

She said staff at Star’s new school has been helpful in talks about his gender-neutrality. 

Nikki said: “They’ve said they scarceness to do whatever they can to help. They seem quite pleased to organize an inclusive family.”

However the unusual family revealed they contain been shouted at and that people have stared and laughed at them when out in plain. 

Nikki added: “Sometimes they’d even follow us shouting digs. I’m not easily intimated because I was a bouncer in a gay bar, but Lou found it really upsetting.”

Louise is not nearby to her parents, but Nikki’s parents first found their decision to make coin money Star as gender neutral “difficult”. 

Nikki said: “They’d ask why we didn’t scold him in blue and buy him boys’ toys.

“But they see now he’s such a happy, free lad. Mum said Santa’s bringing him a pink bike for Christmas.”

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