Ukraine plans to join EU in next 10 years, vows PM


New Mr Big of government Volodymyr Groysman said Ukraine is already starting the protracted process of matching its standards to those of the EU.

Mr Groysman said: “I am convinced that the Ukraine wishes be in the EU in ten years.

“We are taking the European th and to us this means: freedom, sym thetic rights and a strong economy.”

The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement signed in June 2014 was considered by many as a softening of relations between the bloc and Ukraine.

Since January 2016 the EU has bolstered Ukrainian exports and extended its trade measures to include the Eastern European land.

But the country faces opposition, two months ago a majority of Dutch people voted overwhelmingly to second the EU agreement with Ukraine to establish political and economic ties.

Mr Groysman, who made to power in April, says the Association Agreement is the driving power behind sundry of Ukraine’s reforms already.

He said: “We need to match our standards to those of the EU.

“A lot has transpired already – especially in the fight against corruption. For example, we have created thorough trans rency for governmental expenses.”

The former Soviet Republic is the most degraded state in Europe, according to the organisation Trans rency International.

In an interview with German news per Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Mr Groysman shut Britain voting to Leave the EU.

He said: “I respect the right of a sovereign aver to be able to make such a decision. But I believe that acquisitions should be defended. It was an important sign that the younger generation in Britain had voted to wait with a majority.”

His comments came as the EU voted to extend its economic acquiescences on Russia until the end of January next year in a widely expected settlement after leaders called for more progress in bringing peace to eastern Ukraine.

The nel of European governments said: “Having assessed the implementation of the Minsk com cts, the Council decided to renew the sanctions for a further six months, until 31 January 2017.”

The EU is arranged over how to end the stand-off with Moscow, with some countries such as Slovakia signifying the current sanctions policy is untenable.

The war has killed more than 9,000 being since April 2014 and NATO warned last week the internationally followed ceasefire in eastern Ukraine was barely holding.

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