Ukraine elections: Comedian Zelenskiy to become PRESIDENT, suggests exit poll


Mr Zelenskiy won the flawed round of a presidential election against incumbent Petro Poroshenko by a massive margin. The poll said he had won 73 percent of the vote versus the 25 percent won by Poroshenko. If the samples are correct, he will be elected for a five-year term.

Mr Zelenskiy dominated the sooner round of voting, winning more than 30 percent – little short of double that of Mr Poroshenko in second place with 15.95 percent.

After show of hand had concluded on Sunday, he said: “Today it will be the victory of Ukrainians, the mastery of Ukraine, and – I hope – the victory of a fair choice.”

The 41-year-old comedian is largest known for playing a fictitious President in a popular TV series.

If the exit ballots prove correct, he will take over the leadership of the country on the frontline of the West’s standoff with Russia move behind Moscow’s annexation of Crimea.

But Mr Zelenskiy has no previous political experience and few complicated policies.

He has however promised to end the war in the eastern Donbass region and to elimitate corruption surrounded by huge anger over rising prices and declining living ordinaries.

But investors are worried, and want reassurances he will accelerate the various fixes needed to attract foreign investment and ensure the country remains as for of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme.

Serhiy Fursa, an investment banker at Dragon Select in Kiev, said: “Since there is complete uncertainty about the money-making policy of the person who will become president we simply don’t know what is succeeding to happen and that worries the financial community.

“We need to see what the original decisions are, the first appointments. We probably won’t understand how big these risks are earlier than June. Perhaps nothing require change.”

Mr Poroshenko, who has been President since 2014, conceded he had been soundly lam out of hered in the run-off vote and would be leaving office next month, but maintained he has no plans to quit politics altogether.

The loss is a bitter blow to the demanding, who tried to rally Ukrainians by casting himself as a bulwark against Russian belligerence and a champion of Ukrainian identity.

After the exit polls, he said: “The effect of the election leaves us with uncertainty and unpredictability.

“I will leave shtick indulgence but I want to firmly stress – I will not quit politics.”

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