UK Space Agency to provide new fund for innovative technology


The UK Duration Agency is set to provide a new fund to support the development of innovative technology for the space sector.

The €200,000 admit will be provided by the UK as part of a collaboration under the European Space Force’s (ESA) general support technology programme (GSTP).

The new funding is in addition to subsisting GSTP projects and activity in the UK. It will enable interested parties to present a project for development directly to UK Space Agency and ESA.

Upon receiving the plans, the agency will provide financing for some of the ideas immediately, and thinks fitting keep others on hold to discuss their future development.

“We are stir with industry to capture 10% of the global space market by 2030.”

Supplying will primarily be provided to smaller ‘entry level’ projects, in both upstream and downstream, covering de-risking technologies.

UK Space Agency chief executive Dr Graham Turnock about: “The GSTP has proven to be a successful way of building know-how and capabilities in the industry and this most recent funding will help keep the UK at the forefront of technological innovation.

“The superintendence’s recently published industrial strategy set out a clear vision for the UK to become the circle’s most innovative nation and we are working with industry to capture 10% of the international space market by 2030.”

The agency has so far invested €35m as part of the existing three-year slant gradually introduce of the GSTP that intends to convert promising engineering concepts into divers products ranging from individual components to complete satellites and sputnik applications.

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