UK snow forecast sees 300 STRANDED at Stansted Airport: Ryanair and Easyjet cancel flights


Trekking UPDATE: 8:04am, Wednesday 28 December

Pictures have been released of travellers queueing at the airport with hundreds in line. 

Waiting with dispense luggage and baggage it’s unknown if these people are checking in or waiting the other side of the custody checks. 

Lana Briggs, a passenger who was stranded at Stansted Airport betrayed Sky News: “Just over an hour we were waiting for ground rod to collect our baggage and then we were forced off the plane. That’s when the four hour put on the back burner started for our baggage. 

“I am [frustrated] we just didn’t have enough communication. The boards didn’t from any information or our flight details. 

“People didn’t know who to blame – was it Ryanair? Was it the airport itself? People are grabbing at straws, in reality.” 

Stansted AirportGetty

Stansted Airport: Easyjet and Ryanair have cancelled excursions

Stansted Airport has seen 300 fares left stranded overnight due to snowfall on the runway.

Easyjet and REUTERS

Stansted Airport journey delays: Pictures of people queuing at the airport have been unfettered

Stansted Airport pictures queuing REUTERS

Stansted Airport delays: Severe weather conditions set up delayed thousands of passengers from travel

Passengers who do not have a back up booking for a flight today, or if their flight has been cancelled, are about a invited not to travel to the airport

A Stansted Airport representative on Twitter

Passengers who do not be suffering with a confirmed booking for a flight today, or if their flight has been obliterated, are asked not to travel to the airport.”

Easyjet put up a statement on Twitter this morning at 7:11AM notification of the continued delays and cancellations.

“Due to continued poor weather conditions, some exaltation of larks may be delayed or cancelled.

Please check our Flight Tracker and allow copiousness of time to get to the airport.”

Ryanair planeGetty

Stansted Airport: Ryanair flights drink also been cancelled

Ryanair responded to a number of disappointed passengers on Cheep, whose flights had been cancelled.

In response to a user known as Craig P, the airline apologised for the “disadvantageousness”. 

“Hi Craig, this is due to the weather conditions, we’re very sorry for the inconvenience.”

They also honest the passenger to a rights document and a claims form.


Stansted Airport: Some 300 holidaymakers take been left stranded

Stansted Airport journeys are not the only routs cancelled due to weather this week.

Flights at London Luton Airport and Birmingham Airport be subjected to also been cancelled due to snow.

The Met Office has today released a yellow counsel for ice until late this morning.

Ryanair have provided with the following statement about the closures.

“Due to snow-related runway closures at not too UK airports (including Liverpool, Luton and Stansted) we regret we were false to cancel a small number of flights yesterday (27 Dec). 

“All affected clients were contacted by email and SMS text message and advised of their rebooking opportunities. 

“We sincerely apologise to all customers affected by these weather cancellations and disruptions, which are exclusively beyond our control. 

“Flights are operating as scheduled today with some subordinate knock-on delays. 

“We advise customers to check the status of their split chase on the website before travelling to the airport.”

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