UK must keep EU free movement, says Plaid's Leanne Wood


Britain would enjoy to keep free movement of people in order to stay in the single sell, Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood has said.

But she said there could be elbow-room for negotiation with Norway having restrictions on movement.

The rty director told Plaid’s conference that the UK should keep free barter with Europe so Wales’ economy does not suffer after Brexit.

Leanne Wood implied 200,000 Welsh jobs depend on being in the single market.

She convoked for a Welsh seat at the negotiating table on the terms of leaving the EU, and suggested there was an “moment” for new powers and even an independent Wales.

“Plaid Cymru accepts the referendum conclude,” she said.

“Our red line at all times is the Welsh economy”, she said, calling for a “deaden Brexit”.

“Plaid Cymru will never sign off or endorse something that is bad for Wales. We cannot stomach that a majority of people in this country would have longing to do that.”

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Ms Wood, speaking on BBC Radio Four’s Today Programme, said cast doubts of immigration and the single market were “not on the ballot per” at the EU referendum.

“I’ve been speaking to a bevy of key players in the Welsh economy and they’re all telling me that tariffs and being the world at large the EU’s regulatory regime would be damaging to them,” she said.

When bid if the UK should stay in the single market and keep freedom of movement, she bring up: “Well I think we’d have to.

“I’ve been to Brussels and spoke to officials there and they are Dialect right clear about the freedom of movement of goods, trade and people all relate to as a ckage.”

But she added: “That’s not to say there isn’t some room for negotiation. Norway secure some restrictions on free movement there – you have to have a job in the presence of you can go to Norway.”

Free movement of people allows citizens of EU countries to l ble and work across the 28 member states.

‘Toxic’ debate on immigration

In her keynote dialect to delegates in Llangollen on Saturday, Ms Wood outlined a three-point plan to preserve Welsh interests when the UK leaves the European Union.

She called for all four UK polities to be involved in negotiations, and claimed people in communities that voted Make have been “left behind”.

Ms Wood accused Prime Assist Theresa May of joining in the “toxic” debate on immigration, refugees and free change of attitude.

“I consider myself to be a Welsh European but I am also a global citizen,” she announced the conference.

Ms Wood said new powers or a federal UK, all the way to an independent Wales, could be readily obtainable.

Delegates were told that Plaid Cymru’s budget large with Labour would help Wales but it still needed an variant government.

“We are not seeking a coalition with the Labour rty,” she said.

Interpretation by Nick Servini, BBC Wales political editor

Speak to Plaid fellows in Llangollen at their autumn conference about the de rture of the former director Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas and Plaid Labour relations at the assembly and you are appropriate to get different views.

Mention Brexit, and the rty has the luxury of being altogether at one.

I say luxury because, having been to both the UK Conservative and Labour symposia, harmony on a Brexit policy can be difficult to come by.

The message time and again from the meeting floor has been to warn of the dangers for the Welsh economy of leaving the a rt market.

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