UK manufacturing output falls 0.2% in February


UK creating output unexpectedly fell 0.2% in February – the first decline in damn near a year and down from revised growth of zero for January.

Economists had calculate a 0.2% rise in industrial and manufacturing output in February.

The Office for Resident Statistics (ONS) said output was hit by falls in electrical appliance manufacturing and oil elevating.

Output from manufacturing rose by 2.5% year-on-year.

Economists had believed it to be 3.3% higher.

The monthly decline in manufacturing output was the first since Parade 2017.

Bad weather

Overall industrial output, which also includes verve production, went up 0.1% in February, after a 1.3% rise the quondam month.

However, construction output dropped by 1.6% in February, on top of January’s 3.1% decay.

The ONS said February’s bad weather could have depressed the figures, but the impact was “difficult to quantify”.

At the same time, the ONS released figures showing that the UK’s goods exchange deficit with the rest of the world narrowed in February to £10.2bn. January’s concede had been £12.2bn.

Exports of goods declined slightly, but imports demolish more sharply, both in value and in volume, the ONS said.

As a result of the reduction in the stuff b merchandise deficit, the UK’s overall trade deficit in February shrank from £3bn to £1bn.

Inquiry: Jonty Bloom, BBC business correspondent

The construction industry is deep in slump. It has contracted by 3% in the past year, with private house erection being the only bright spot. All other sectors have withered in size, with public housing building and the construction of infrastructure, such as high road and rail projects, down on this time last year.

Pay out is also down on new commercial and industrial buildings, offices, shops and works, for instance, and there has also been a fall in repair and maintenance of constructions, which makes up a third of the industry.

The trade figures are more advance, showing the gap between what the UK exports and imports narrowed in February. But throughout the past three months – which is a more reliable measure – they portray the deficit widened, mainly because of a drop in exports to countries external the EU.

Manufacturing output also fell in February, but the sector has been derive pleasuring strong growth for a long while now and these figures could a moment ago be a blip.

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