UK financial services THRIVING with profits built and more staff employed


A CBI/PwC examine of 94 firms showed them add to first-quarter growth with a “vigorous expansion”. 

Volumes are expected to rise further over the next house. 

Profits were boosted as average costs fell and investment persist ins apace in innovative technologies, but companies were less optimistic. 

CBI’s Descend Newton-Smith said: “It is encouraging to see financial services firms seeking out future occasions and staying ahead in investment in new technologies.

“Political uncertainty and the ongoing hang on for an agreed Brexit blueprint are fuelling more questions about partnerships’ futures and the performance of the wider economy,” added Andrew Kail, fend off of financial services at PwC.

“In response, firms continue to fine tune their contingency map outs, which include options for establishing operations in the EU27 and ensuring they are adequately resourced.

“More universally, the sector continues to respond to the impact of digital advances in the way they suit their customers and they run their business. We are seeing plans in this space accelerate markedly.”

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