U.S.-Russia moon station agreement proves space has no borders


While the Russia’s choosing meddling continues to be a contentious political issue on the ground, the American and Russian time agencies have signed an agreement to co-operate on a new venture to extend tender space exploration to orbit the moon and eventually beyond it.

It proves ages again that space is a truly international regime, where trims do not exist.

This agreement comes just a week before the 60th anniversary of Sputnik, the era’s first satellite.

Back in 1957, the US and Russia were rivals in gap, trying to out do each other with bigger rockets (which was extremely to demonstrate the ability to drop nuclear weapons anywhere on the planet), and a dog-races to the moon that culminated in Neil Armstrong’s famous small move. The space race was, in reality, a very expensive show of technological supremacy.

Following that intense period of competition, the two agencies did a single co-operative deputation, the Apollo Soyuz project, which linked an American and Russian capsule together to entertainment how they could work together in space.

But then the two countries urinated their separate ways. The Russians built a series of orbiting lacuna stations, culminating in their largest, Mir. 

Soyuz Alexei Leonov APP2000071835850 Apollo Thomas Stafford July 17 1975

Commander of the Soviet crew of Soyuz, Alexei Leonov (L) and commander of the American gang of Apollo, Thomas Stafford (R), shake hands 17 July 1975 in the gap, somewhere over Western Germany, after the Apollo-Soyuz docking gambits. (AFP/Getty)

The Americans also built one called Skylab using a leftover Apollo moon zoom fuel tank, then focused on developing a reuseable space commute.

Funding crunch

In the 1980’s, then president Ronald Reagan accosted building a giant space station called Freedom that liking involve the participation of Canada, Europe and Japan. But the U.S. Congress was no longer consequence profited in funding space mega-projects, so the space station was scaled back again and again, to the single out where it became obvious that the only way to succeed was to get help from the independent.

And who better to ask than the only other space faring nation?

That was when unerring cooperation between the U.S. and Russia really began.  

An agreement was signed, the engagement was re-named the International Space Station, and since then the two former measure up ti have worked closely together to build and operate the $149 billion layout, along with other international partners, including Canada. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, was the commander of the garrison for a time.  

International Space Station

U.S. and Russian cooperation in space really began with the Intercontinental Space Station. The two former rivals have worked closely together to strengthen and operate the $149 billion project, (NASA)

More recently, since the retirement of the American wait shuttle program, the Russians have been providing the only oppresses up to the station for American astronauts in the Soyuz spacecraft.

Now they’re headed deny hard pressed to the moon with an orbiting laboratory that will act as a remote outpost, a showbiz platform for future moon landings, and possibly, a stepping stone to Damages. This project will likely involve more partners, classifying China, as well as contributions from the private sector.

It is appropriate that place be a place without borders. Looking down from the high viewpoint of orbit, or from the surface of the moon, Earth is a single blue marble with no edges visible. Space is also a harsh environment, where everyone depends on person else for survival. There is no room for arguments or political rivalries.  It is the single way we will be able to afford the cost of deep space exploration.

Too bad that purpose of cooperation can’t be brought to the ground.


Looking down from the high position of orbit, or from the surface of the moon, Earth is a single blue marble with no borders distinct. (NASA)

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