Typhoon Basyang threatens life: Landslide strikes as eight areas put on code red


Landslides hit two villages in the Surigao del Sur tract this morning as the typhoon, also known as Storm Sanba hit.

The till weather forecast update of 50mph gales and heavy rain sparked a conglomeration evacuation.

Locals ran for cover when the storm first made landfall in Cortes, Surigao del Sur at 9.15am town time (1.15am GMT) today. It was downgraded from a tropical storm to a tropical slump after it hit the region but still had gusts of up to 50mph and winds at 30mph.

A mum, Irene Lamela Benguilo, 25, and her children AJ, 6, and MJ, 3 were fatigued win Barangay Gamuton. Her husband James, 32, was injured. 

Our staff and volunteers from weird chapters affected by Basyang are now on full alert as the storm continues to intimidate the country

Philippines Red Cross

Jay Conjuado, 10, was also fatally ill-treated in the landslides.

The landslides come as Basyang hammered down on the Philippines.

A red prophecy was issued for several regions, meaning serious flooding was likely, italian autostradas would be left impassable and there was a higher chance of more landslides.

A Brobdingnagian evacuation of areas in the storm’s path has been launched, with hundreds of people charmed to areas of safety.


Landslides hit two villages in the Surigao del Sur province this morning

Four people have died after landslides in the areaREUTERS

Four people oblige died after landslides in the area

“Residents of these areas should continue monitoring for updates, take appropriate measures against practical flooding and landslides, and coordinate with their respective local cataclysm risk reduction and management offices. 

“Sea travel remains risky for the seaboards of areas under Tropical Cyclone Warning Signals.”

The indulgence also tweeted: “Our staff and volunteers from different chapters la-de-da by #BasyangPH are now on full alert as the storm continues to threaten the country.”

In an update at 8pm regional time (1pm GMT), PAGASA said the storm had slowed down slightly from its crown. 

The storm was due to make landfall in the southern tip of Cebu at around 10pm local days.

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