Type 2 diabetes symptoms — don’t ignore THIS warning sign of condition


Symptoms of diabetes: Thirst is sign of type 2 diabetesGETTY

Characteristics of diabetes: Thirst is sign of type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes arises when the body does not produce enough insulin or the insulin present does not work properly and can be linked to lifestyle factors such as being overweight.

The outfit can cause long-term complications — and increase the risk of heart disease, strike and kidney damage.

However it can alter the way the body works in the short-term.

Living soul with diabetes have an increase risk of dehydration as high blood glucose planes can lead to decreased hydration in the body.

Symptoms of diabetes: Thirst is sign of type 2 diabetesGETTY

Symptoms of diabetes: Dehydration is announce of type 2 diabetes

Symptoms of dehydration can include thirst, headache, dry kisser and eyes, dizziness, tiredness and dark coloured urine. Often, hint thirsty is the last symptom of dehydration and irritability and tiredess can come at the start.

People are also considered to be dehydrated if they urinate less than four times a day.

Representative ofs of severe dehydration can include low blood pressure, a weak pulse or expeditious heart rate and feeling confused.

Diabetes.co.uk said: “If you feel itching all the time or your thirst is stronger than usual and continues notwithstanding after you drink, it can be a sign that not all is well inside your trunk.”

Symptoms of diabetes: Type 2 diabetes can be linked to lifestyleGETTY

Warning signs of diabetes: Type 2 diabetes can be linked to lifestyle

If you feel thirsty all the shilly-shally it can be a sign that not all is well inside your body

If our blood glucose levels are expensive than they should be for prolonged periods of time, the kidneys settle upon work to get rid some of the excess glucose from the blood and excrete this as urine.

While the kidneys riddle the blood in this way, water will also be removed from the blood and disposition need replenishing and this is why we tend to have increase thirst when blood sugar heights are too high.

Drinking water can help to rehydrate the blood.

However, the density also draws available sources of water from the body — which can embody saliva, tears and taking water stored in cells in the body.

This is why we may happening a dry mouth and dry eyes when our blood glucose levels are high.

If we do not beget access to drink water, the body will find it difficult to dated glucose out of the blood via urine.

Excessive thirst — which is also called polydipsia — and gained urination — also known as polyuria — are classic diabetes symptoms.

Other symptoms register urinating more often than usual — particularly at night. This can be triggered by surplus glucose in the blood which interferes with the kidney’s ability to attention urine.

Tiredness, itching around the penis or vagina and slow shawl healing are also symptoms of the disease.


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