Two pints of BEER is BETTER for pain relief than paracetamol, claims study


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Could beer put back painkillers in the future?

Researchers from the University of Greenwich have ground that drinking two pints of beer can cut pain by a quarter. 

The researchers, who also urged people to belt responsibly, said: “Findings suggest that alcohol is an effective analgesic that turn overs clinically-relevant reductions in ratings of pain intensity, which could clear up alcohol misuse in those with persistent pain despite its dormant consequences for long-term health.”

Dr Trevor Thompson, who led the study at London’s Greenwich University, contemplated: “Alcohol can be compared to opioid drugs such as codeine and the effect is assorted powerful than paracetamol.

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Researchers found that the innumerable people drank, the higher their pain threshold

Alcohol can be referred to opioid drugs such as codeine and the effect is more powerful than paracetamol

Dr Trevor Thompson

“If we can create a drug without the harmful side-effects then we could have something that is potentially elevate surpass than what is out there at the moment.”

According to government guidelines, men and balls should drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week. 

The dig into used 18 studies, involving 202 participants. 

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The study suggests that beer can cut wound by a quarter

Researchers found that the more people drank, the important their pain threshold. 

The experts are trying to find out if alcohol mark downs pain, which reduces discomfort or if it numbs the sensation of pain by wearing brain receptors. 

However, Rosanna O’Connor, director of Alcohol and Narcotics at Public Health England, said: “Drinking too much will about you more problems in the long run. It’s better to see your GP.”

A study published earlier in the year balled that drinking alcohol in moderation is beneficial to the heart. 

These upshots have been published in The Journal of Pain. 

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