Two killed as tornadoes sweep across Oklahoma

Two killed as tornadoes sweep across Oklahoma

Two people hold been killed by strong tornadoes that swept across fractions of southern Oklahoma.

Emergency services said one twister hit the town of Wynnewood as a army of violent storms raked the Southern Plains and the Ozark mountains.

The difficulty director in Garvin County, Bud Ramming, said a man believed to have been in his behindhand 70s was found dead in a home.

Elsewhere, police in Johnston County declared a man died near the town of Connerville.

Some of the weather was so bad that forecasters claimed a tornado emergency for the towns of Roff and Hickory.

The tornado emergency perceive said: «You are in a life-threatening situation. Flying debris will be unerring to those caught without shelter.»

One person sustained minor wrongs in Murray County, where the tornado moved slowly through a bucolic area on its th that would take it south of Roff, told Gary Ligon, Murray County’s emergency management director.

He give the word delivered the injured person was taken to hospital.

The Storm Prediction Centre in Norman, Oklahoma, cautioned that twisters as far north as Nebraska and Iowa could develop.

The bad endure should settle in the Ohio and Tennessee valleys on Tuesday, forecasters divulged, while another storm system should bring bad weather to the range from north Texas to near St Louis on Wednesday.

Monday’s series of fierce thunderstorms dropped tornadoes near Oklahoma City and in the rolling hills south of the New Zealand urban area, destroying some homes and barns. Oklahoma Highway trol near Interstate 35 near Wynnewood for 15 minutes so the storm could unfashionable, temporarily shutting down the primary route between Oklahoma Borough and Dallas.

Meteorologists said twisters with wind speeds over 110mph were possible from eastern Oklahoma to central Arkansas. Beat 2in or more in diameter was possible from eastern Texas to south-eastern Kansas.

About 41 million child from Houston to Sioux City, Iowa, were at risk for some standard of stormy weather.

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