Twitter redesigns website and app with Instagram-style elements


The societal media brand has updated all of its platforms, with new rounded profile photos, a jargon bubble reply icon and a greater emphasis on photography.

Twitter has delight in out a redesign of its online platforms, which aim to make the social media sort “faster and easier to use”.

The new design is being used across Twitter’s website, iOS and Android apps, its list program Tweetdeck and Twitter Lite – its app suited to low storage space and a out of date internet connection.

The redesign has been completed by Twitter’s in-house purchaser research and design team, and appears to draw cues from Instagram.

Fair and square profile photos replaced with rounded ones

Main updates tabulate refining the typography to make it more “consistent”, bolder headlines “to be comprised of c hatch it easier to focus on what’s happening” and replacing square profile photos with on all sided ones, says Grace Kim, Twitter’s vice president of user up on and design.

Icons have been updated to make them “various intuitive”, as well as lighter in colour. For example, the “reply” arrow icon has been superseded by a speech bubble, as the arrow was previously confused as having a “delete” or “go destroy to the previous page” function, says Kim.

The style of the icons has also became, with filled-in symbols swapped with line-drawn ones.

Photos entertain also been given more precedence and highlighted more, due to an all-inclusive lighter and cleaner backdrop to the app. Square edges have been superseded with rounded ones.

Instagram also features line-drawn symbols, embodying the speech bubble, rounded profile photos, and an emphasis on photography. The group media brand rolled out a new website design in 2015.

“Less clutter and easier thumb”

Tweets now update instantly with reply, retweet and like counts, so colloquys can be viewed in real-time, rather than users needing to refresh the number.

The user experience (UX) design of the app has also been updated, with fewer icon elections at the bottom of the app, and text removed. A side navigation bar opens up, showing the owner’s profile and other menu options.

Links in tweets now open in Safari’s viewer within Peeping, rather than taking users out of the app and into a browser window.

This foci to provide “less clutter and easier browsing”, says Kim, and make Cheep “feel lighter, faster and easier to use”.

The update has been made using feedback and notions from Twitter users, Kim says.

Twitter is expected to roll out more distant design updates soon, and will continue to incorporate user inspection.

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