Turning spectating into an Olympic sport! Rio gymnast's parents squirm as they watch on


Footage of Lynn and Rick Raisman durable an agonising experience watching Team USA gymnast Aly Raisman have entranced the internet by storm.

The proud rents were seen squirming, screaming and level attempting to hide as they watched the 22-year-old take to the uneven bans.

The flawless performance helped her qualify for the all-around final for the second Olympics in a row.

Mr and Mrs Raisman are old hands of watching from the sidelines, as the ir cheered on their daughter during London 2012 where their vibrant reactions also earned them legions of fans.

Ms Raisman is one of Side USA’s strongest athletes, but the uneven bars is known to be her weakness, possibly delineating why her rents were so edge.

She narrowly missed out on a medal in 2012, after she was assassinated down to fourth place after a tie-break with Russian gymnast Aliya Mustafina saw her rt with the bronze.

After their hilarious antics in London gained them worldwide prominence, Mr and Mrs Raisman admitted they never expected to be thrust into the focus of attention.

At the time Mr Raisman said: “I’m a little horrified right now.

“Oh my gosh!

“At earliest we don’t want her to know where we are in the stands so we’re almost hiding.

“It’s just one of those instants. It’s just so magnified. Every single twist and turn. It’s just mental.”

Ms Raisman is able to see the funny side of her rents antics after the 2012 whack went viral and again after her performance at Rio where her rents did not frustrate.

Comedian Sarah Schneider tweeted: “@Aly_Raisman’s rents antici ting her uneven bars routine is my favorite Olympic sport.”

Ms Raisman retweeted that to her boosters, and also posted a tribute to her rents on her Instagram ge.

Captioning a photo of the proud yoke, she wrote: “The best rents… miss them so much!!!

“Can’t recess to see them in a few days.”

She also shared her brother Brett’s post, after he tasked a snap online of their rents celebrating – with a sliver of his be seen in shot.

He wrote: “That’s my cheek on the right.

“I’ll try not to let the fame go to my head.”

There looks to be much more in reservoir from the Raismans over the coming weeks as their daughter adjudges to earn herself a medal.

She is next due to compete with her Fierce Five teammates in the platoon final on Tuesday, and in the all-around final on Thursday and the floor final on August 16.

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