Turnbull: Australia ‘very keen’ for trade deal with UK


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Australia is «very keen» to evident a trade deal with the UK post Brexit «as quickly as possible», Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull has demanded.

Mr Turnbull told journalists at No 10: «We move quickly. Australians are fast of foot. We don’t muck around. We’re very simple. So we will move as swiftly as the UK will move.»

Ahead of the Downing Street talks, the two leaders stopped Borough Market.

Two Australians died in June’s van and knife attacks in south-east London.

  • Borough Peddle reopens after London Bridge terror attack
  • UK offered Brexit rescue trade deal with Australia

During a Downing Street hustle conference, Mr Turnbull said Australia «had been the first on the phone» to apostrophize for a free trade agreement with the UK following Britain’s decision to be gone the EU.

He said Australia stands «ready to enter into a free barter agreement with the United Kingdom as soon as the UK is able to do so — so once that Brexit has been fulfiled, then we look forward to speedily concluding a free trade accord».

Mr Turnbull said he hoped the EU deal could be finalised before the contemplated date of Brexit in March 2019.

He said a UK agreement could follow pronto: «My government’s position is very simply this: economic prosperity has been presented to be delivered by free trade and open markets — that is one of the major discuss withs why Australia has had 26 years of uninterrupted economic growth.»

He said Mrs May’s imagination for post-Brexit Britain «is one filled with optimism». «It’s not a counsel of melancholy as some people have said.»

Turning to the PM, he added: «I know Theresa that you accept passionately that the British people can do anything, can achieve anything and that your post-Brexit Britain wish be a Britain with big horizons, big opportunities, free trade, open customer bases.

«You’re right, that is the future. That’s where our prosperity has been dealt and I know that it’s where your prosperity will come.»

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Mrs May said a trade deal with Australia was a «priority» for the UK after Brexit, to extend on the £14bn-worth of trade between the two nations.

«We’ve both made definite our intention to continue to deepen our trade and investment relationship as the UK leaves the EU,» she revealed.

«Our Brexit negotiations have started well, and I have made disambiguate become fair to prime minister Turnbull that an ambitious and comprehensive bilateral deal deal with Australia remains a priority for the UK.»

Earlier, the two prime padres — who were at Oxford University at the same time — visited the scene of the Borough Shop atrocity to be briefed by police officers and paramedics who rushed to the aid of victims and survivors.

They also reveal to traders in the market, one of London’s most popular visitor attractions.

The two earlier met Church principals at nearby Southwark Cathedral, including the Reverend Canon Michael Rawson, the Sub Dean of the cathedral.

The UK and Australia acquire strong commercial, cultural and security links through the Commonwealth and the «five respects» intelligence alliance.

Although the UK cannot negotiate trade deals with other surroundings until after Brexit, Australia is one of the countries with which Whitehall officials keep set up a working party to look at the issues involved.

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox thinks fitting be travelling to Australia in the coming months.

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