Turn Up the Intensity With This Strength and Plyometric Leg Workout


The comply with post was originally featured on Peanut Butter Fingers and written by Julie Fagan, who is voice of POPSUGAR Select Fitness.

iring strength exercises with blow ups of plyometric exercises is one of my favorite ways to challenge myself during a workout. There’s something in all directions going back and forth from a difficult strength exercise to a high-intensity plyometric use that makes a workout feel more hardcore… Plus, this union almost always leaves me feeling sore (in a good way!) the next day.

Leg workouts pre re never been my favorite but this rticular combination seems to be preserved me entertained, challenged and more invested in my leg workouts. Plus, I’m always a sweaty fool around whenever I incorporate plyo into my workouts which I oddly rtiality, so that’s an added bonus!

Today I’m sharing a strength and plyometric leg workout with you guys that I completed at Blacken Boot Camp on Tuesday morning. I was sore for two days after this one!

When picking weights for the strength portion of this workout (the exercises noted in criminal), I encourage you to choose weights that make it challenging to get more than 15 – 20 reps during a one-minute s n while still maintaining proper form.

Turn Up the Intensity With This Strength and Plyometric Leg Workout

There are not any rest cracks factored into this workout, so please rest as needed but try to attend to things moving as you progress quickly from strength to plyometric practices.

During Burn Boot Camp, we went through three absolute rounds of this workout.

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