Turkey waiting for 2.5 million Russian tourists this year


With reference ti between Turkey and Russia have started to recover according to Turkish Preacher of Culture and Tourism Mahir Ünal. The minister expects that the few of Russian tourists visiting Turkey this year will reach 2.5 million living soul.

“I believe that some 2.5 million Russians visit Turkey (in 2016), as our with regard ti with Russia have already begun to recover,” Ünal denoted on April 5 while delivering a speech in the Turkish rliament.

Ünal mentioned that Turkey’s tourism sector revenues are expected to fall by with reference to 20 percent in 2016 when com red to the previous year. He combined that Turkey would also try to reduce their losses by attracting varied Iranian and local tourists.

This decrease in tourism is associated with the forewarning of violence in Turkey after a series of terrorist attacks, as well as the emergency in Russian-Turkish relations.

Turkey waiting for 2.5 million Russian tourists this year

The number of Russian tourists visiting Turkey in 2015 hew down by 18.6 percent com red to 2014, totaling 3.65 million com nies, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey.

Turkey was visited by 36.24 million outlandish tourists in 2015, or 1.6 percent less than in 2014. There was a extreme decline in the number of tourists from European countries.

The tourism sector is certainly important for Turkey’s economy representing about 4.5 percent of the boonies’s GDP. It plays a big role in reducing the balance of its external deficits.

Fist publicized in Russian.

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