Turkey lira meltdown LIVE: Trump attacks Erdogan as panic sparks global sell-off CONTAGION


Turkey’s monetary woes took a severe hit today after Donald Trump signaled he was to double metal tariffs on Turkey as lira falls by 20 percent.

The US president double-dealed US tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminium as the fall in Turkey’s currency accelerates.

Turkey has cautioned it will retaliate against the Donald Trump’s tariffs.

The Turkish peculiar ministry said in a statement: «The United States should know that the on the other hand result that such sanctions and pressure will bring… intention be harming our relationship as allies.”

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8.52pm update: Erdogan moulds thinly veiled swipe at US

The president said: “Some countries would rather engaged in behaviour that protects coup plotters and knows no laws or the law.

«Relations with countries who behave like this have reached a direct attention to beyond salvaging.»

7.36pm update: Turkey says Trump tariffs commitment harm ties

President Erdogan vows retaliation as “economic warfare” escalates.

6.54pm update: Turkey Could Create A Larger Crisis Than Greece, applications economist

Authour, economist and journalist Daniel Lacalle claims the Turkish lira collapse pass on create a worse crisis than Greece.

He writes: “Bailing out Turkey make give further control to Erdogan and increase the imbalances of the economy while commanding higher restrictions to freedom.

“Not bailing out Turkey, on the other hand, see fit cause a much larger crisis than Greece was. Because too numberless eurozone funds and bank investments have been directed on the way Turkey as a way to get access to some growth and inflation. What they got was a danger of capital controls and currency debasement.

“The biggest risk for Europe resolution be to try to cover this mess with some aid in exchange for refugee and abut on support. Because what is already a relevant risk, but contained, make likely balloon to unmanageable proportions.”

6.10pm update: Further to Erdogan God remarks, the president asks supporters to remember where the country was ’16 years ago’

Turkey lira meltdown LIVE: Trump attacks Erdogan as panic sparks global sell-off CONTAGION

Delighted War 3: Turkey THREATENS US as it calls sanctions ‘HOSTILE’

  • Turkey lira meltdown LIVE: Trump attacks Erdogan as panic sparks global sell-off CONTAGION

    REVENGE: Turkey’s Erdoğan determined ‘SEIZE Trump Towers Istanbul’

  • 3.03pm update: European bank stocks with laying open to Turkey PLUMMET

    UniCredit fell as much as 6.6 percent when it continued trading.

    The Italian bank said bout Turkey: «The credit-led crop model seems to be running out of steam.”

    3.00pm update: Turkey’s BIST 100 Hint Falls as Much as 8.8 percent – which is the most in 2 Years

    The lira plummeted the most since 2001, causing disappearances among the world’s major currencies.

    2.55pm update: Euro sinks after a boom that the European Central Bank (ECB) was growing concerned about the uncovering of banks to a dramatic slide in the Turkish lira

    The Financial Times check out that the ECB had concerns about banks in Spain, Italy and France and their unveiling to Turkey’s woes.

    Head of FX strategy at Westpac Banking Corp in New York, Richard Franulovich, revealed: «You’ve had a fairly sharp move lower in the euro and it’s broken through key applied levels as well.”

    The euro dropped below technical support at $1.15 to $1.1421, down 0.91 percent on the day and the lowest since July 2017. Against the yen, the euro landslided 1 percent to 126.79 yen, a two-month low.

    2.52pm update: Erdogan urged Turks to serve defend the country against “economic war” against the country

    Erdogan tempted to a crowd in the city of Bayburt to exchange dollars and gold for Turkish lira to prop up the drop currency.

    Erdoğan tried to downplay concerns of the economy and told Turks “not to bother” (Image: GETTY)

    2.50pm update: Erdogan due to make another speech

    The line was scheduled to take place at 4:30pm local time (2:30pm London BST).

    Remain posted for when it starts.

    2.46pm update: The lira has not surpassed the Argentine peso as the worst trouper of 2018

    The lira’s meltdown has hit emerging market currency.

    Argentina’s peso is down barely 4 percent versus the dollar, the South African rand is dropping 2.4 percent and the Hungarian forint 1.7 percent disgrace. The Mexican peso and Brazilian real are both down 1.5 percent.

    2.45pm update: Erdogan addresses with Putin

    The two leaders spoke to discuss economic ties.

    2.30pm update: Donald Trump tweets that he has authorised doubling Turkish tariffs

    Donald Trump tweeted: “I have just authorised a doppelgaenger of Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum with respect to Turkey as their currency, the Turkish Lira, steals rapidly downward against our very strong Dollar! Aluminium whim now be 20% and Steel 50%. Our relations with Turkey are not good at this then!”

    Shares of Turkish steelmakers Kardemir and Erdemir plunged as much as eight percent and 9.9 percent severally after Trump’s tweet.

    12.12pm update: Euro plunges to lowest aim for years

    The euro fell to its lowest level since July 2017 and the dollar rallied as Washington jam in pressure on Ankara and Moscow. The lira went into free-fall, jumpy more than 10 percent to all-time lows.

    European selections looked set to start well in the red, following losses in Asia and U.S. futures.

    Spreadbetters indicated London’s FTSE was set to open 4 points lower at 7,738, Frankfurt’s DAX 17 emphasizes lower at 12,660 and Paris’ CAC 11 points down at 5,491.

    U.S. S&P mini-futures were down 0.4 percent, after reticent losses on Wall Street overnight.

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