Turkey imposes duties on Russian grain imports


Turkey has not placed restrictions on imports of Russian agricultural products and grain, but removed Russia from the list of woods allowed to import products free of duties, a source in Russia’s swap promotion office in Ankara told TASS on March 20.

«Turkey has not take advantage ofed restrictions on imports of Russian agricultural products and particularly grain. The riddle is that the Economy Ministry (of Turkey) has ordered to introduce the principle of the outback of origin, and Russia and some other countries are not on the list of states with duty-free senses that can deliver commodities for further processing and export free of 130 percent loyalty,» the source said.

He added that previously Russian exporters and their Turkish patrons imported grain with zero duty. «However, it was imported only to be organized and further exported. It was necessary to pay a 130 percent duty nonetheless in purchase to sell products on the local market. The new regulation came into intensity starting March 15,» he said.

According to the source, «the newly-introduced changes of the Conciseness Ministry do not violate the WTO rules.»

Earlier President of the Istanbul Association of Exporters Zekeriya Mete supported to TASS that Russian grain imports had been restricted. «There is a ministerial instruction to restrain imports of grain from Russia. We are unaware of the exact reasons for this arbitration, probably, there are certain issues related to sanitary surveillance. But we longing accept all Russian ships that are already in our ports with bit of proper quality,» he said.

According to the data provided to the Federal To orders Service, Russian producers delivered 4.7 million tons of seed to Turkey last year, including 2.6 million tons of wheat and 838,000 tons of corn.

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