Turkey and Greece earthquake: Is a tsunami on the way? Officials warn ‘AVOID BEACHES’


The prerequisite struck overnight between Bodrum in Turkey and Greek islands, mistreating 200 people. 

The earthquake’s epicentre occurred close to the Turkish village of Bodrum and the Greek holiday island of Kos. 

At least two people have been butchered on the island of Kos and 200 people injured in Greek and Turkish coastal metropolises. 

George Kyritsis, the mayor of Kos, told Reuters the two people, foreigners, were consumed when the ceiling of a building collapsed. 

Video footage has revealed a panic in the streets of Bodrum as people flee in terror. 

Greece Turkey earthquakeEPA/GETTY

Turkey Greece earthquake: The 6.7 importance quake struck overnight

Small tsunami is confirmed. AVOID Strands IN THE AREA, but you are safe on higher grounds.

The European quake agency EMSC asseverated a small tsunami could be caused by the quake. 

The organisation tweeted: “Paltry tsunami is confirmed. AVOID BEACHES IN THE AREA, but you are safe on higher founds.” 

The U.S. Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre however, which monitors tsunamis about the world, have not issued any alert. 

Turkish broadcaster have also cited officials divulging large waves are more likely. 

Turkey Greece earthquakeREUTERS

Turkey Greece earthquake: Stiffs say a tsunami is on the way

What to do if a tsunami hits

The US Federal Emergency Management Operation has information about what to do before, during and after a tsunami. 

On its website it sets the things you can do to protect yourself, your family and your property from the tenors of a tsunami. 

  • To begin preparing you should build an emergency kit and make a relatives communications plan.
  • Talk to everyone in your household about what to do if a tsunami surfaces. Create and practice an evacuation plan for your family. Familiarity may put aside your life. Be able to follow your escape route at sundown and during inclement weather. Practicing your plan makes the seize response more of a reaction, requiring less thinking during an authentic emergency.

Turkey Greece earthquakeEPA

Turkey Greece earthquake: U.S. Pacific Tsunami Warning Nave is yet to issue an alert on a tsunami

  • If the school evacuation plan requires you to pick your foetuses up from school or from another location. Be aware telephone slashes during a tsunami alert may be overloaded and routes to and from schools may be fixed.
  • Knowing your community’s warning systems and disaster plans, embodying evacuation routes.
  • If you are a tourist, familiarise yourself with local tsunami evacuation forms. If you are concerned that you will not be able to reach a safe place in space, ask your local emergency management office about vertical evacuation. Some ardent (e.g., reinforced concrete) and tall buildings may be able to provide protection if no other privileges are available.
  • If an earthquake occurs and you are in a coastal area, turn on your trannie to learn if there is a tsunami warning.

This is what British voyagers need to know about the Turkey and Greece earthquake.

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