‘Trump's win poses DEADLY RISK to eurozone’ – Shock warning from European Central Bank


Fiscal policymakers in the bloc fear Mr Trump’s promise to “put America first” could maintain devastating consequences for the single currency.

Fears Europe’s exports could tolerate a heavy hit are growing, with Mr Trump set to abandon the controversial Transatlantic Mercantilism and Investment rtnership (TTIP) deal between the EU and the US.

And while stock sells have weathered America’s vote for the republican candidate better than cracks had expected, ECB vice-president Vitor Constancio warned the outlook for Europe’s saving had taken a hit and that political risks were rising.

He said: “We should be discreet in drawing hasty, positive conclusions from those market advances because they may not necessarily indicate that the world economy order have an accelerating recovery with higher growth. “

Mr Constancio said that “worldwide uncertainty” put on airs a risk to the eurozone economic recovery.

He added: “A range of political jeo rdies may induce economic shocks.”

The comments come amid rising acclaim of eurosceptic and nationalist rties across the bloc.

All eyes are now on Italy at the of a constitutional referendum at the beginning of December.

If Prime Minister Matteo Renzi evades the vote, the anti-euro 5-Star Movement could foreseeably become the new regulation rty.

Following in the th of colleague ECB president Mario Draghi, Mr Constancio also argued euro governments to do more to support economic growth.

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