Trump's rise 'isn't crazy and it's not going away,' billionaire Peter Thiel says


y l progenitor and Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel says he is backing Republican Donald Trump because he’s the only individual left in the race for the White House to admit that America is in veto.

«I worry about the decline,» Thiel said in a speech at the National Meet Club in Washington, D.C., on Monday. «I take it very seriously.»

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Thiel said he has a bias in favour of outsiders, noting that he supported Libertarian Ron ul in 2012, and Carly Fiorina advanced in this cam ign. He has thrown his support behind Trump, he said, because he’s the one person left in the race who isn’t a Washington insider removed from the way bona fide people live.

«I would have liked to see race between Trump and Sanders because both viscerally give the impression the decline of America,» Thiel said.

He characterized the current race between Self-governing candidate Hillary Clinton and Trump as «one person who says everything is multifarious or less fine [and] one [who] says, ‘We’re on the Titanic and it’s about to sink’,» Thiel voiced.

«I prefer the second one.»

Thiel has donated $1.25 million US to Trump’s run and various super- Cs that back him in this election, after oldest having gone public with his support at the Republican National Usage this summer.

Thiel says he does not support some of Trump’s ton controversial comments, including what he has said about women. Yet, he said, Trump voters favor the New York businessman who has not at any time held political office «because we judge the leadership of our country to own failed.»

«No matter what happens,» he said, «What Trump describes isn’t crazy and it’s not going away.»

Among the Trump issues with which Thiel says he agrees: cosmopolitan trade deals not benefiting all Americans and too much U.S. involvement in wars overseas.

He also spoke about his role in the legal cam ign against quidnunc and news website Gawker, in which he backed wrestler Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against the locate.

Thiel funded Hogan’s legal cam ign based on his belief that the since-shuttered website crossed too multitudinous journalistic lines, and provided no benefits to people.

«If you’re middle class, if you’re upper-middle rank [or] a single-digit millionaire like Hulk Hogan you have no effective access to our legitimate system,» Thiel said. «It costs too much.»

Describing the Gawker plot as a «socio thic bully,» Thiel says he has no lawsuits against any other road entities, and disputed claims that his actions set a dangerous precedent for flush people to follow the next time they don’t like what a route organization says.

«They lost on the facts,» Thiel said.

Thiel, who co-founded y l and was an advanced investor in Facebook, was outed as gay in 2007 by a Gawker-owned website. At that even so, he said little about his sexuality, but has since come out publicly.

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