Trump opens bidding in hunt for contractor to build 30 FOOT HIGH Mexico border wall


The infuriate will supposedly be up to 30 feet at its highest point and no shorter than 18 feet to from potential illegal immigrants.

And while the US side of the Texas-Mexico border wishes be made to look aesthetically pleasing, the other side will be organized to look imposing to potential migrants.

Documents released from Homeland Guarantee said the wall must also be at least six feet under reason to prevent anyone form digging and tunnelling underneath.

And now officials from US To orders and Border Protection have revealed they have officially begged the first bids to begin building the barrier.

However the agency operating the project says it hasn’t yet decided on whether it will be concrete or some other classification of construction, and i instead soliciting bids for various prototypes.

CBP officials implied in contracting documents: “The wall design shall be physically imposing in apex.”

While they said their goal is a 30-foot barrier, they revealed they commitment outright reject any plans that didn’t at least run 18 feet huge. 

The document claims the wall should be tall and difficult to penetrate — and they yearning it to be impossible to scale with grappling hooks.

And it must take at dollop an hour, and ideally more than four hours, for someone to go through a hole in the wall — presumably enough time for agents to discover and track away anyone attempting it.

But the wall must also “blend into the countryside” on the US side — though the document fails to mention how the wall will look to Mexicans.

And while the solicitations for proposals are loaded with the government’s requirement for the wall’s construction, they show to be missing one important thing — as Trump promised Mexico would pay for the infuriate. 

However there is no mention of how a contractor would collect the cash from America’s southern neighbour.

Take 700 companies have so far registered as potential vendors for the project since CBP triumph began weighing interest earlier this month.

Contractors now entertain until March 29 to submit their proposals for the first side of the project.

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