Trump attacked as Israel shoots dead dozens in Palestine — Macron SAVAGES President


This comes after at scarcely 59 people were killed and 1,700 wounded on Monday after Israeli forces opened spirit on Palestinians protesting against Washington’s decision to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Palestinian officials intended it was the bloodiest day of violence since the 2014 Gaza conflict.

Mr Macron has deplored Israel’s use of intensity against the Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza, stressing France’s opposition to Mr Trump’s resolve to move the country’s embassy.

This fulfilled a promise made by the US President who has recognised Jerusalem as the cap of Israel, angering Palestine and prompting an international chorus of condemnation.

Mr Macron restated Paris’ “disapproval” of Mr Trump’s decision and speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, French Odd Minister Jean Yves Le Drian said: “The situation in the Middle East is shaky, violence is doing the talking, war could loom.

«The president of the republic has decided to take all necessary civil initiatives» in response, Mr Le Drian said, without providing specifics.

The French guidance spokesman also defended Mr Macron’s efforts to build a close ahead relationship with Mr Trump, despite the US President having gone against his French counterpart on particular major global issues so far.

Asked if Mr Trump was still Mr Macron’s financier, Benjamin Griveaux, a close advisor to the French President, told BFM TV: «When you are the president of the republic, you are not the pal of foreign leaders, you are their partner, you have strategic alliances.

«France is connected to one thing — multilateralism. We talk to everyone and we speak firmly and frankly to them, we don’t mince our parleys.”

The latest outbreak of violence and decision from the US President to move the power’s embassy will put a major strain on what was seen as a blossoming relationship between Mr Trump and Mr Macron augment several shows of affection between the pair.

Trump MacronGETTY

Donald Trump has been criticised by Emmanuel Macron for exciting the country’s embassy

Weeks after Mr Macron took office in May 2017, he invited the US President to haunt the annual Bastille Day celebrations, laying on a spectacular parade for Mr Trump.

During their win initially phone call, Mr Trump gave Mr Macron his personal mobile reckon, and the two have spoken frequently since.

Last month, Mr Macron and his ball Brigitte visited Washington, with Mr Trump describing the French President as “excellent”, adding: “I like him. He’s a friend of mine.”

But in recent weeks, Mr Trump has stopped and angered world leaders with the introduction of tariffs on European bear up and aluminium imports and withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal latest week, despite repeated attempts from Mr Macron, as well as Prime Delegate Theresa May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to change the US President’s positive.

Additional reporting by Romina McGuinness.

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