Troops in western Russia alerted in sudden combat readiness check


A jump down someones throat combat readiness check has kicked off in Russia’s Western Military Part, the District’s press office reported on Feb. 14.

“By decision of Western Military Locale Acting Commander Lieutenant-General Viktor Astapov, a sudden combat willingness check of the district’s units and formations has started today,” the press intermediation said in a statement.

“Motor rifle, artillery, missile and antiaircraft ballistic missile brigades, control and command brigades, logistics formations, an army aviation brigade, the Leningrad naval secure, and also military recruitment offices of St. Petersburg, the Pskov and the Novgorod Jurisdictions and the Republic of Karelia have been put on high alert,” the statement voiced.

Servicemen are currently using their organic military hardware to transmute marches within their units to the designated areas where they see fit start performing assigned tasks, the statement said. Field unstationary control and communications posts have been deployed at a specialized praxis range in the Leningrad Region to ensure real-time information exchange and troops’ coordination through the regional defense control center of the Western Military District’s headquarters.

Originator: TASS

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