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What do Robert M. Lee, Eric Byres, Sean McBride, Dr. Oliver Kleineberg, and Sid Snitkin all keep in common?If any of these names do not ring a bell, they’re each industrial cybersecurity masters in different realms. Along with Tripwire customers and other business leaders, they will be sharing fast-paced perspectives and challenging you to muse over differently about a range of topics relevant to industrial environments and momentous infrastructure.As an example, what is the 20 percent you could do to secure your ICS and SCADA environs that would give you an 80 percent gain against the cyber dangers you’re most concerned about? What if ICS and plant cybersecurity could bolster requirements for availability/uptime, resilience when things go wrong, moderate cyber risk, and increased response efficiency?ICS Webcast

ICS Webcast

Please join me as I emcee the line-up of speakers and topics below in short 15-minute topics be enough the agenda below.Future Challenges and Changes in Industrial CybersecuritySid Snitkin – Immorality President, Cybersecurity Services, ARC Advisory GroupARC Research has its hand on the thrumming of what’s going on with industrial and critical infrastructure organizations and their needfulness for increased ICS and SCADA security. Real world industrial environments induce specialized needs, and they span from Operations Technology (OT) to IT safety requirements. Sid will share expanded challenges and gaps that be found with recommendations for whether you work in the corporate or plant side of your constitutionPoint-Counterpoint between IT Security and Control Systems EngineeringRobert Landavazo – Quondam PNM Systems Engineer, now ICS Sales Engineer at Tripwire
Jonathan Skeele – Quondam Intel Senior Business Development Manager, now ICS Senior Business Maturity Manager at Tripwire
Robert and Jonathan will spar over take issuing views and methods in a point-counterpoint between IT security and operations/plant wangling (often described as “Operations Technology”). Both gentlemen are prostrate oneself before and experienced professionals within what we might say are at times incompatible controls. Somehow they’ll get along as they enlighten us on how it works and sometimes doesn’t when ICS assurance is in the spotlight.What Comes After Plant-Wide Ethernet? Industrie 4.0 and TSNDr. Oliver Kleineberg – Belden’s Superintendent of Advance DevelopmentDr. Kleineberg will share his thoughts on Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) which promotes essential building blocks to enabling Industrie 4.0. Dr. Kleineberg is paramount Belden’s participation in the coming new IEEE standards affecting TSN. Learn what it is and how it disposition influence what’s coming in the near future for your manufacturing dispose ofs and plant operations.Customer Case Study – El Paso ElectricRafael Garcia, MBA, CISSP, PMP – Dope Security, Privacy & Risk Management at  El Paso Electric CompanyRafael intention share the use case at El Paso Electric where Tripwire was brought in to diverse rapidly achieve NERC CIP compliance. Since implementation, Rafael has a real-world angle about how he can now maintain his audit readiness without unforeseen “drift” in his sets and processes. While being compliant obviously won’t guarantee security, Rafael on share important guidance about where EPE was and where they are now.Detecting Feigned ICS/IoT SoftwareEric Byres – CEO, aDolus, P.Eng, ISA FellowICS and IoT asset owners depend on their vendors to supply valid software and firmware for organization implementation and upgrades.  If this chain of trust is compromised, then malicious software can be announced that alters core system functionality, potentially impacting momentous operations and human safety. Unfortunately, there are few safeguards available today to keep devices from the introduction of counterfeit firmware/software, and this is not a suppositional risk. This talk reports on a US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funded exploration project to investigate the viability of using trust anchor technologies for onsite validation of ICS upgrade cases.Virtual ICSs – Risks and RewardsJustin Cavinee – Chief Details Scientist at Dragos, IncThere are obvious rewards to virtualized industrial put down systems of all types. And there are also risks. When the inevitable custody incident strikes, virtualized ICS can ease all aspects of incident response.  Justin Cavinee of Dragos devise walk through an incident response case study exploring the forensic and reclamation actions performed on an HMI infected with Havex.Whitelist Profiler and Extenuating Years of Time in ICS/SCADA environmentsGabe Authier – Senior ICS Offshoot Manager at TripwireOne of the most popular products at Tripwire is our Whitelist Profiler, a reference book application to Tripwire Enterprise and an auditor favorite. Learn how this hip application can document as you go, save resources, and protect your ICS environment buying a blend of whitelisting techniques and other capabilities unique to Tripwire.Transforming for a Bright Future: Shining Some Light on our Industrial Cyber InsecuritiesLane Thames – Higher- ranking Security Researcher at TripwireLane is a member of the Tripwire Vulnerabilities, Deeds, and Research Team (VERT). As a researcher, author and speaker Lane deals a balanced perspective – cyber threats and business risks v. the very authentic requirement for highly available and undisrupted operations and process controls. Lane inclination briefly review Dragonfly and provide you the suggested “short list” of what’s significant now.Developing Your ICS Security WorkforceSean McBride – Cyber-Physical Schemes Security Program Coordinator, Idaho State University, former FireEye/iSIGHT Man Analyst – Critical InfrastructureThere are many challenges to securing industrial and momentous infrastructure and one of the most pressing is lack of skilled personnel within industrial puts and plants. Your plant may rely heaviest on your vendors or it may be a trusted system integrator for ICS security. Many organizations do not have competent personnel, skills or even interest to learn the specialized skills be missing.  Sean will share firsthand experience from his years as a perilous infrastructure cybersecurity analyst and now in developing the next generation ICS security workforce.The Human being Attack Surface within Industrial SitesKeirsten Brager – Safe keeping Engineer, Entergy, CISSP, CASP, Security+ MAIndustrial organizations act with a high degree of internal trust – natural to the environment. Howsoever, there is also a high degree of cyber risk.Securing the somebody is never easy and never done. It can be relatively simple to compromise “the humanitarian attack surface” across plant sites, and Keirsten will share from appoint experience and give foundational guidance on what nearly every plan can do to reduce this cyber risk.No “Easy Button” – The Start with Malware Platform and What’s Now True for Every IndustryRobert M. Lee – CEO of Dragos, IncRobert and his collaborate at Dragos have thoroughly researched CRASHOVERRIDE, aka Win/Industroyer. While Robert is the prime to say “Stay Calm (the sky is not falling),” CRASHOVERRIDE is truly a game-changer for those who fight for industrial and critical infrastructure organizations. Also known as Win/Industroyer, this malware is the before all true platform and is worth your time to understand the implications for your own putting together. Robert’s organization has developed an informative whitepaper you may also want after get into the short story from Mr. Lee and Dragos’ team of researchers.If you want to consent all of these fantastic speaking sessions, then you must sign-up for our webcast on November 7!Click here to indicate.

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