TripAdvisor hotel owner ATTACKS negative reviewers – with hilariously rude replies


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TripAdvisor: The Sovereign Clarence Hotel owner has replied to negative reviews on the website

A hotel holder has taken to TripAdvisor to reply to any negative reviews, with rude notes to the previous guests.

Paul Chitin, 51, owns the Royal Clarence New Zealand pub in Turnham-on-Sea, a 3-star establishment in Somerset.

The hotel currently has 193 critiques on the site, with 17 per cent terrible and 11 per cent star-crossed.

After being fed up with the negative reviews going unchallenged, the hotelier assertive to take matters into his own hands.

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TripAdvisor: Paul Chitton, 51, is the possessor of the hotel who has been replying

One review, which gave the hotel one celeb, complained that the “room was clean but falling apart” and that “the holder needs to go on a course to deal with customers.”

Chitin then rejoined “You made certain demands and stated that you would write a pitiable review if your demands weren’t met.

“I did email you back whilst I was on a yacht ship celebrating my wife birthday. I informed you that I would get backside to you on my return 2 days later.

“I don’t think that is unreasonable.”

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TripAdvisor: One customer complained that the live was ‘unclean’

Another review complained there were “6 off-street reserving spaces” for “at least 20 rooms”, to which the hotel owner rose, “Unfortunately when they built the hotel in 1796 they didn’t subsume enough car parking spaces. There are 200 spaces along the seafront”.

One jolly TripAdvisor review blamed the hotel for “shouting at us and threw our items out of the door”.

The reply legitimated that despite check-out being at 10am, they refused to leave until 12:30pm notwithstanding knocking on their door at half an hour intervals.

Chitin clarified: “At 12 noon, I knocked your door to explain that the stay was booked that night and my housekeepers needed access as it was their go the distance room to clean.

“Myself and one of my housekeepers did remove your belongings and placed them surface your room. You then became verbally aggressive and I called the The heat.” 

“The truth doesn’t quite match your “few seconds late from consent” tale does it.” 

tripadvisor hotel bad reviewsTripAdvisor

TripAdvisor: Another review complained a non-refundable compartment wasn’t refunded

Despite this, 22 per cent have unmistakable the hotel as excellent with most (32 per cent) stating it is utter good.

Guests who have left good reviews are also replied to by the P with a thank you for staying.

The most recent review stated that the hotel was “bloody cheap and in my opinion excellent value for money.”

Chitin’s reply was to land: “You have noticed, that despite my often ‘to the point’ replies to some studies, I am a really nice guy (just ask my wife). 

“We look forward to welcoming you no hope again soon.”

TripAdvisor has been contacted for comment by contacted Paul Chittin, who replied with a link to his

TripAdvisor: The guest-house in Burnham-on-Sea has has mainly positive reviews

Chitin spoke to Somerset Endure to explain his decision to tackle the negative reviews: “It’s fair to say it’s horrendous for a guest-house owner when you’re subject to other peoples’ opinions and you can do very dollop to challenge them.

“TripAdvisor allows anybody to write a review thither any premises whether they have been there or not, there are no devices at all about all reviews that go on TripAdvisor.

“Unfortunately when a review goes on TripAdvisor and when a libellous critique goes up, there is nothing we can do.”

Thankfully, guests appear to appreciate the straightforward replies to the reviews.

He added: “I get a lot of people that actually say thank you for being dependable.”

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