Tried and Tasted: Which steak and ale pie do food experts brand number one?


On this week’s affair, Michel Roux Jr and his team of tasters, including First Dates’ Fred Sirieix and eatables critic Jay Rayner, tested two top selling supermarket steak and ale pie, one made by a top rat on brand and one by an artisan producer. 

Award-winning pub landlady Judith Fish was on offer distribute to giver he opinion of the best tasting pie. 

She said a pie with a top and bottom is a cordial edition, not just the flaky pastry topping, and it should definitely be remodeled from shortcrust pastry as well as have an egg wash on top to make it fulgent. 

The first steak and ale pie to be tasted was by artisan pie makers Tom’s Pies. 

Best steak and ale pieGETTY/CHANNEL4

Tried and Tasted: So which do viands experts brand the nation’s number one steak and ale pie?

TV chef Stacie Stewart affirmed: “It’s a bit chewy and salty.” 

The next one to be tasted was one of the nation’s bestsellers by Sainsbury’s. 

Stacie suggested: “The pastry is far too thick, it’s chewy, the pastry’s been overworked.” 

The next to be tasted was another UK bestseller, but the most valuable, by Marks & Spencer. 

Best steak and ale pieCHANNEL 4

Tried and Tasted: Michel Roux Jr and Jay Rayner were amongst the tasters

The panel agreed it was everything a pie should be. 

Completely, the team tasted a top selling branded steak and ale pie by Pukka Pies. 

Michel Roux Jr symbolized: “The flavour’s quite strong, it’s got quite a lot of spice.” 

After the scores were be sure ofed, Marks & Spencer’s pie came out on top. 

Best steak and ale pieCHANNEL 4

Tried and tasted: Marks & Spencer’s produced out on top

Tom’s Pie came second, followed by Sainsbury’s and Pukka Pies came in fourth lay. 

On a previous episode of Tried and Tasted, the team tested four other lasagne brands. 

The first lasagne to be tasted was Britain’s fifth upper crust seller — Waitrose Italian Lasagne, priced at £5.70/kg.

But TV chef Stacie Stewart bid: “That’s never seen an Italian in it’s life.”

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