TRICKS TO SAVE MONEY: Five hacks to make the most of your cash


You can count on some great deals being available GETTY

You can count up on some great deals being available

But if you’re having to count your pennies into the middle mounting bills then there’s some seriously good apportions out there to help you save some of your hard earned sell.

Money saving blogger Jasmine Birtles has revealed how to cut back on big spends by obtaining simple adjustments to your life.

And if you’re a coffee lover, need some out food, or just fancy getting a free health check on your investment capitals, then there’s a glimmer of hope.

In her latest e-book from website, there’s a unimpaired host of great offers that could actually make your week.

She suggested: “You wouldn’t believe how many things you can get for free nowadays and they are perfect for those who are straight pressed.”

Surplus Food App Olio

There’s a new app Olio that let’s you get disenthrall food locally.

The app puts you in touch with neighbours and cafes that receive surplus food.

As it says on the website, the app helps us all share food that would under other circumstances be totally wasted.

Share and share alike at the touch of a buttonOlio

Share and share alike at the touch of a button

You wouldn’t suppose how many things you can get for free nowadays

Jasmine Birtles

Online contentions are generally a great way to get all sorts of things for free. More and more websites are doing online contentions, which are usually easy to take part in.

Vouchers, home devices, clothes, bikes and even holidays are up for grabs and free to enter.

Saving money couldn't be easier with a little help GETTY

Sparingness resources money couldn’t be easier with a little help

You can check your acknowledge score for free, forever, with Experian. This is really valuable as you demand to know what your credit score is before you apply for accommodations or a mortgage to make sure that you will be accepted.

A good cut is even important for getting a mobile phone contract.

So don’t bother pay off to find out what your score is, get it for free.

The Samsung Galaxy Edge has just been releasedSamsung

The Samsung Galaxy Keenness has just been released

If you want a new mobile phone, sign in to the Jingoistic Consumer Review programme for free for the chance to get a Pact Coffee

Unhampered coffee what more can you want?

If you love coffee you can get a free Arrangement coffee kit if you order one bag of Pact coffee.

Once you order just one bag of the freetrade coffee you give entre a free v60 coffee kit (including 40 filters).

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