Trekking centre to close as riders too heavy for horses


Owner of the trekking centre and the sign SWNS/APEX

Babeny Homestead at Poundsgate on Dartmoor, Devon will cease trading in September

We attired in b be committed to no doubt that it will be very sadly missed

Dee Dee Wilkinson

Farmstead owner Dee Dee Wilkinson said the closure was partly due to an increase in larger visitants who were placing an “unfair” burden on the horses.

“The horses are at an age where they have occasion for replacing. Getting those good replacements can be difficult,” Mrs Wilkinson maintained.

“We are finding increasingly that people are getting heavier, so we are unable to let them drive a horse as it isn’t fair on the horses.”

Mrs Wilkinson said increasing costs of insurance and provisoes on when families can take holidays also influenced the decision.

Along with hide Darren, she will now concentrate on the farming and livery side of the business.

The tidings will come as a bitter blow to the many people who have trekked across Dartmoor on Babeny horses.

“This is danged sad in many ways as Babeny has provided a trekking service to customers far and completely, internationally and nationally for many years,” said Mrs Wilkinson.

“It has given numerous fortuitous memories to people. For many it was their first ever experience of being adjacent and riding a horse.

People on horsesSWNS

The news will come as a bitter flare up to many people

“We have no doubt that it will be very alas missed.”

However, she continued: “Running a trekking centre takes its loss emotionally and physically due to the risk.

“It’s seven days a week through the summer and then the winter.”

A permission sale will now be held on September 8 and the yard’s horses will be hawked when the right home is found for them.

But the yard’s thriving livery yard is set to forward with summer clinics, picnic rides and demonstrations all to be increased.

The Babeny Carrying Club will also be reformed and a packed agenda of activities is in the development of being created.

“We are in the middle of Dartmoor with fantastic riding, and we’re also same lucky to have an all-weather arena, so the set up is perfect for our liveries,” said Mrs Wilkinson.

“I’m in actuality looking forward to spending more time with my own horses prepossessing part in clinics, rides and competing.”

By announcing the decision early, Mrs Wilkinson now confidences that as many people as possible will take the opportunity to choose up the reins and ride across Dartmoor one final time before the curtain disappoint a amount to down on Babeny Farm Trekking.

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