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Tips on a long train journey

Any journey gives birth to frequent questions arising: what food should I take? Нow to spend my day? What hygiene items do I need? This is what we going to talk about. 1. The most important is to conserve your money, values and documents. So have all of these with you and never show them to other ssengers. 2. You will need comfortable clothes for the journey, fitting the season. It is better to pre re comfortable and dark clothes. 3. Drinks and food should be selected so that you could keep it for a long time. The best idea is fruit, cookies or wafers, sandwiches, cut meat and cheese (these must be eaten first of all). If you forgot the food, use a dining carriage or buy your food at a station where you have a stop. 4. Hygiene stuff are to be kept in the upper rt of your suitcase, otherwise you will need a lot of time to find your tooth-brush or soap. 5. Not every train is provided with shower. If you have a possibility, discuss the issue with the carriage conductor. If no shower at all is provided, don’t be upset — just take a towel, water it and wipe yourself. To keep your hair clean, dry shampoo is OK. Spending time in a train

If you travel alone no need to just sit and watch out of the window, the time could be spent in a more useful way.

  1. Take a book, magazine or news per. The train is a perfect place where you can get concentrated on an interesting plot of your favourite book or read about the way celebrities spend their leisure time. If it is too difficult for you to read for a long time and you don’t want to have an extra weight (book in the luggage), there is an alternative — audio book.
  2. Today there are a few people do without different gadgets ( lmtop, laptop, Smartphone and so on). The train is a perfect place to use them and take your time. Download a couple of movies or games; you won’t notice you’ve already arrived.
  3. Get acquainted with your com rtment mates, but be cautious — there can be different mates. Somebody will be happy to meet a new person, somebody won’t, sometimes you may hap on someone who are about to tell about the life of their relatives from the middle of nowhere.

Take care of your mobile device being charged. Many trains have no outlets. If you plan a trip with your kids, you will have to be tient and pre re some things for the trip. Fidgets won’t feel easy sitting all the way.

  1. Take a sketch-book and soft-tip pens. Let the kid draw the landscape coming out of the window.
  2. Table game will help them to use some hours with productivity.
  3. It is a good moment to remember different verbal games. This will help to use time and to enlarge kid’s vocabulary and logical thinking. These simple tips will help you travel and you aren’t going to be bored. Remember, good mood while travelling is more important than books, lmtops and games!

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