Travel operators selling Sharm el Sheikh holidays DESPITE flight ban due to TERROR


The Extrinsic and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has warned Brits against travel to the once prospering Egyptian resort town. 

On its website, the FCO warns: “We advise against all but required travel by air to or from Sharm el-Sheikh” as “terrorists continue to plan and channel attacks”. 

There is a high threat of terrorism in Egypt and the FCO says extra incidents are likely. 

The Sharm el-Sheikh flight ban has been in place since November 2015, after a Russian voyager plane exploded mid-air, killing 224 people. 

But British-based excursion operators have already started to accept bookings for later this year, undeterred by ongoing uncertainty over when the ban will be lifted. 

Thomson is donation package holidays in October and Thomas Cook is doing the same for November this year. 

Consumer website contends there was a lack of warning about the current terror threat and beat a retreat ban during the booking process. 

Its investigation found a seven-night holiday in October for £1,460 with Thomson, guying at the SunConnect SUNRISE Diamond Resort. 

But the website claims there were no signals about the current FCO travel advice until the screen immediately already payment.

Small print at the bottom of the page warns: “At present as a precautionary assign the government is advising against all but essential air travel to Sharm el Sheikh. 

“Should the Unfamiliar and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice not change, then we will be in direct junction with you to amend or cancel your booking.”

Similarly, a £1,411.98 seven-day festival for two was on offer at the same resort, by Thomas Cook. 

The website claims no direct attention to of the FCO advice was made during the online booking process. 

Thomas Cook has now updated the Sharm el-Sheikh move warning on its website. 

But the travel company says it had always displayed a symbol across the top of its site with a link to the current FCO travel advice.

A Thomas Cook spokesperson distinguished “While we do need to forward plan for next winter’s recesses, we never take customers on holiday against the advice of the UK Foreign Room and if there’s no change then we will cancel all holidays to Sharm and present oneself a full refund or destination change free of charge.”

A spokesperson for Thomson ordered: “We, like other holiday companies, offer customers the opportunity to engage a wide range of holidays up to 12-18 months before they are due to travel.

“In this as it happens, we have a small number of holidays for sale to Sharm el Sheikh as segment of our winter holiday programme, which begins in October.

“Customers are announced on our website at the time of booking that as a precautionary measure the government is informing against all but essential air travel to Sharm el Sheikh, although the overall fastness level of the resort has not changed.”

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