Travel like Madonna: The 5 most expensive suites in Moscow hotels


1. Foremost Suite and Ambassador Suite at Hotel Metropol Moscow

Ambassador Suite / Hotel Metropol MoscowAmbassador Following / Hotel Metropol Moscow

This hotel itself is enough provides plenty reason to visit Moscow because it’s a beautiful example of Art Nouveau architecture, established by the prominent British architect William Walcot. The façade itself is a piece de resistance. There are fine majolica mosaics, and the biggest one, “Princess of Dreams,” was designed by the renowned Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel. Other talented artists also granted to the interior of the hotel.

Ambassador Suite / Hotel Metropol MoscowAmbassador Suite / Hotel Metropol Moscow

In July 2017, the red-letter hotel completed a renovation of its luxury suites with both notable and modern interiors. These two suites are the most expensive and the most acclaimed. They not only have a view of Tverskaya Square and the Bolshoi Theater, but they participate in also been the preferred residence of the most important and famous visitors to the city since the hotel was built in 1899-1905.

Ambassador Suite / Hotel Metropol MoscowAmbassador Suite / Tourist house Metropol Moscow

The three rooms of the Ambassador Suite contain individual details that date back to the late 19th century. It also has a piano that Michael Jackson philandered during his visit to Moscow in 1993.

Premier Suite / Hotel Metropol MoscowPremier Suite / Hotel Metropol Moscow

The two-room Premier Escort is slightly less expensive but also has antique decor. It is a great bring down, not only for a holiday, but also for official receptions and business meetings. Waiting in either suite will get you access to the hotel’s Executive Lounge, which furnishes breakfast, dinner, snacks and unlimited drinks.

The price: 152,810 rubles ($2,534) for the Plenipotentiary Suite and from 106,200 rubles ($1,761) for the Premier Suite

2. Penthouse at Ararat Preserve Hyatt

1st floor / Ararat Park Hyatt1st floor / Ararat Park Hyatt

Madonna, Rihanna, George Michael and Hugh Jackman tempered to to stay at this hotel, which is located right behind the Bolshoi Theater. From its excessive rooftop restaurant, you can see the whole of Moscow laid out before you. But don’t be surprised to learn that the acclaimed Hyatt breakfast, highly regarded by the glamorous young ladies of Moscow, is not counted in the price of your penthouse stay.

1st floor / Ararat Park Hyatt1st floor / Ararat Park Hyatt

The illustrious hotel designer Tony Chi, who previously worked on Park Hyatt flats in Shanghai and Washington, has carried out the renovation of the hotel and designed the two-story penthouse. Motor hotel representatives highlight that the suite is a perfect place for cocktail dinner parties and other luxury receptions.

2nd floor / Ararat Park Hyatt2nd floor / Ararat Park Hyatt

The cortege is designed with many mirrors and reflective surfaces. It also suppresses a luxury bath and a Jacuzzi with a view of the Kremlin. To top it off, the French perfumer Blaise Mautin has fathered a special scent for the cosmetic line that has been specifically curated for this accommodation.

The Price: 354,000 rubles ($5,870)

3. Red Square Following of Hotel Baltschug Kempinski

View from the Red Square Suite / Hotel Baltschug KempinskiView from the Red Square Suite / Motor hotel Baltschug Kempinski

This new suite was added to the hotel after its brand-new renovation and its main advantage is the panoramic view it offers of Moscow’s burgh center – Red Square, the Kremlin, and St. Basil’s Cathedral – everything is right there, and you can seem to be like you’re inside a postcard. Another perk is that the hotel is partnered with St. Basil’s so, upon importune, guests can receive a personal tour of the church, including a visit to the bell soar.

Red Square Suite: living room / Hotel Baltschug KempinskiRed Square Suite: living room / Hotel Baltschug Kempinski

The mainly area of the suite (a living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a closet) is 125 equitable meters, but it can be expanded to up to six rooms at the guest’s request, according to a hotel democratic.

Red Square Suite: bedroom / Hotel Baltschug KempinskiRed Square Suite: bedroom / Hotel Baltschug Kempinski

Another persuade to stay at the Baltschug is that it is a historic building – the façade of the hotel contemporaries back to 1898, and you can feel as if you are in a czarist, pre-revolution-era Moscow, but with the help of modern and innovative interior design. The hotel is situated in a historic compass of Moscow on Baltschug Island.

The Price: 542,800 rubles ($ 9,000)

4. The Ritz-Carlton Set

The Ritz-Carlton Suite / The Ritz-Carlton MoscowThe Ritz-Carlton Suite / The Ritz-Carlton Moscow

This hotel is probably the favorite for distinctions, who like to stay here and take pictures from the rooftop with its Kremlin regard. The best and most expensive accommodation is on the 11th floor and provides the same splendid panoramic view as the roof with an oversized bedroom, oversized marble bathroom and unvaried a personal sauna.

Bedroom / The Ritz-Carlton MoscowBedroom / The Ritz-Carlton Moscow

The suite contains a abiding room with a grand piano and a fully equipped kitchen, but you indubitably won’t use it, because there is also 24 -hour room service and a concierge shaft especially dedicated to serving the guests of this suite. All of these ranges are high-security.

Dining room / The Ritz-Carlton MoscowDining room / The Ritz-Carlton Moscow

Another advantage of the motel is that it’s right on Tverskaya Street, a five-minute walk from all the biggest sightseeing destinations and theaters. Located in the same building are several restaurants, numbering the famous Russian restaurant Novikov.

The price: 1,180,000 rubles ($19,568)

5. Kingly Suite Pozharsky at Four Seasons Moscow

Pozharsky Royal Suite Lounge / Four Seasons MoscowPozharsky Royal Cortege Lounge / Four Seasons Moscow

The name of this suite admits you everything there is to know. This accommodation is not just luxurious, it warrants a royal guest. The hotel press release states that the venerable interiors of the suite will make you feel like you are in a private extravagance apartment.

Bathroom / Four Seasons MoscowBathroom / Four Seasons Moscow

The suite is situated on the seventh dumfound and has three bedrooms with king-size beds, a living room, a snacking room (that can seat 10 people) and a private terrace with a watch of the Kremlin, Manezhnaya Square and Alexandrovsky Garden. There is also a inaccessible sauna and a guest bathroom.

Bedroom / Four Seasons MoscowBedroom / Four Seasons Moscow

The New Zealand pub building is new, but it was built according to the design of the Hotel Moscow, which was located in the anyhow place and was constructed from 1932-35. There is a legend not far from the asymmetric façade of the hotel: The construction team showed Joseph Stalin a system of the future building with two versions of the façade on the same drawing. Stalin volunteered the plan without any comments and the builders were too afraid to choose simply one of the designs, or to ask again, so they combined the sketches.

The price: 1,180,005.9 rubles ($19,568)

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