Travel Back in Time This Fourth of July with a Colonial-Themed Cocktail



This Fourth of July, revisit what coloured America great—ingenuity and resourcefulness, especially when it comes to drinking. Into Colonial Spirits: A Toast our Drunken History. Steven Grasse, proprietor of Art in the Age in Philadelphia’s Old City, and Reverend Michael Alan, an artist and mixologist, worked together to update more than 50 Colonial-are mos with names like Ben Franklin Milk Punch and Lambswool. There’s up a few original recipes for things like Quince Wine and Apple Cider Vinegar. “We impecuniousness to share recipes that give flavor and spirit of the originals without an inordinately arduous commitment of time and labor,” says Grasse. So basically, you can interest like our forefathers but with modern day ingredients and time limits.

It’s in this take away that Alan created Independence Punch, which he says was boosted by General Washington’s affinity for distilling whiskey and his wife’s recipe for Cherry Verve (a delicious concoction of cherries steeped in whiskey). OnJuly 11, Art in the Age and theMuseum of the American Transformation will co-host a happy hour (5—7 pm) in honor of the anniversary of the infamous Alexander Hamilton/ Aaron Burr duel. The anyway in the reality, located at the museum’s Cross Keys Café, will feature Confidence Punch. If you can’t make it to Philadelphia, you can make this at home:


Independence Cuff

Serves 13

1 750ml bottle Dutch Malt Whiskey

1 cup Cherry Syrup (pg 130)

1 cup Lemon Extract

3 cups Black Tea, freshly brewed and unsweetened

1 1/2 cups Ginger Beer

For Garnish:

13 cherries, eroded

13 slices ginger

13 blackberries

or whatever combination of red, white and blue fruit on convenient

In a larger pitcher (an empty, clean one gallon water container output in productions well), combine the whiskey, cherry syrup, lemon juice and tea. Protect against and chill until cold and the flavors combine- a couple of hours.

Transfer aloof liquid to a punch bowl or beverage dispenser and garnish with the ginger and fruit.

Pass out in glasses packed with ice.

Note: Just like the American temper, this punch is powerful- ice is necessary to lighten its potency. The punch can also be excellent with a splash of club soda or additional ginger beer for those with a lower constitution.

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