Travel advice for Leicester City fans heading to Portugal for match against Porto


Leicester Bishopric’s away game against Porto takes place on Wednesday, December 7 at Estádio do Dragão, Porto.

The FCO (Transalpine and Commonwealth Office) has issued advice for fans following the Premier League subtitle holders to the Portuguese city.

Although travellers will not need a visa to fraternize to Portugal, their ssports should be valid for the duration of their sojourn.

The FCO also advise fans to bring their European Health Surety Card and ensure they have identification to show if asked by the policemen or judicial authorities.

Getting to the Stadium

The nearest airport to the football pre res is Porto.

The stadium has a metro station on can be reached on one of four lines; lawn, red, purple and blue.

The FCO wrote on their website that those flawed to take a taxi should get either the beige-coloured or the black and green bias cabs.

Foxes fans hiring a car to drive to the stadium should be au fait that they need to carry their ssport, valid UK excursion licence and rental control. If you do not have any of these on you in person, the police can precise you on the spot.

The FCO also reminded travellers that Portuguese motorways entertain tolls and you can get a “heavy fine if you don’t y toll fees”.

“Don’t use the green lanes (VV – Via Verde) at assessment points; these are for motorists who subscribe to the automatic y system.

Finally the FCO highlight that drivers should not be swallow alcohol or taking drugs whilst driving – it’s illegal.

It also wrote: “The freight accident rate is very high and traffic police carry out unpremeditated spot checks and will test for both alcohol and drugs.

“The go limit on Portuguese motorways is 120km/h; don´t get caught speeding on one of the radar cameras.”

At the Equal

Leicester City fans will be seated in the upper tier of the East Coppice in the stadium.

The FCO said access to the stadium can be slow and there will be ticket marks.

“No alcohol, sharp objects (including umbrellas), air horns, loudspeakers, fireworks or flares, sauce a contains or cans, drums or video cameras” will be allowed in the stadium.

The FCO also cause clebred the following warning: “The authorities have the right to breathless supporters on access to the stadium and anyone they consider too drunk may be refused entry.”

Definitely be aware that city fans will have to wait for 20 minutes after the adventurous as home fans will be let out the stadium first.

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