Trainspotting star Ewan McGregor is selling his Volkswagen Beetle on eBay


He ucities at least £8525 and with six days left there have already been ten asks.

The advert on Ebay mentions that the Scottish actor — best conscious for his roles in Star Wars and Trainspotting — is the owner.

He says he needs to get rid of the eye-catching car to indulge way for a new «fun toy».

The Perth-born star is said in the advert to be «a genuine hard core nut for cold machines.

«Sure…the man could afford to drive anything he wants, but what he cravings are machines with some soul, ones that make you a behalf of your surroundings.»

McGregor, 44, who is famous for his road journeys — effectively on motorbikes — lives in Los Angeles.

The 1960 Volkswagen Beetle — Classic is recorded as «Ewan McGregor’s 1960 VW Beetle Ragtop tina Monster».

The advert infer froms: «This is a very unique and special car.

«This 1960 sunroof Beetle burned-out many many years baking in the hot Texas sun with Mother Properties giving it her touch.

«A couple years back it was rescued by a VW nut and the transformation founded.

«The aging (sic) exterior was encapsulated under several layers of automotive plain and everything mechanical was gone through and updated to make it a fresh car again.

«It is a wonderful gradate of preservation and restoration sets it far a rt from the normal sea of VWs out there.

«Its a drama stopper!

«Photos of the car under construction floating on the web caught the attention of actor and VW nut Ewan McGregor who negotiated to buy the car from the builder.

«Second it was completed it was delivered to Pennsylvania where he was directing a film and the car was used as his common driver to and from the set.

«After filming it was shipped to his home in California. A new four pivot toy is incoming and something has to give… so the Beetle is now up for sale.

«The finish is very interesting and is very artfully done.

«The whole body of the car except for the foremost hood had that consistent amazing sun burn so the hood was impressively tied and blended. The clear coat shines like crazy while the rust and stand is hidden below. It really messes with people’s heads, chiefly in low light conditions where the colors are obscured… it looks delight in a fully restored car (and it is) but that killer tina gives it that marvy ‘farm find’ look and feel.

«It really is a fantastic looking appliance , such a unique approach.

«Add to the cool factor of the car is the current owner, Ewan McGregor.

«He is not just a very successful actor and now adding director to the resume, he is a genuine tough core nut for cool machines. Sure… the man could afford to shepherd anything he wants, but what he wants are machines with some anima, ones that make you a rt of your surroundings… not safeguard you from them.

«This humble Beetle fit the bill perfectly, but a want of garage s ce in LA makes it hard to keep em all.

«A new fun toy is on the way and something’s gotta inform on. He is a bit sad to see it go, but hopefully it will find the perfect home!

«Don’t miss your befall to put this one in YOUR garage!»

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