Train on track? Bombardier set to deliver first Waterloo LRT vehicle


The pre-eminent ION light rail transit vehicle for a new mass transit project in the Territory of Waterloo was expected to be shipped from the Bombardier plant in Thunder Bay on Tuesday, but radio show for the rest of the fleet has been moved to Kingston.

“It’s been a long voyage,” said Tom Galloway, who chairs the planning and works committee for the Region of Waterloo, explaining he had a come about to see the rail car during its construction when he visited the northwestern Ontario shrub in November 2016.

“It was actually almost emotional because this has been a put forth that started in 2010 when we first made the decision to go in a hurried transit system with a light rail transit and then afterwards chose the Bombardier vehicle,” he said.

The completion of the first car is causing very much a stir in his region, said Galloway. “It’s a big day, people are quite excited,” he express, noting that there is a Track the Train  website being set up to comprehend the vehicle as it makes its way from Thunder Bay to Waterloo.

But it will be the only conduit in the 14-car fleet manufactured in Thunder Bay because “Bombardier in general has had product issues,” said Galloway pointing to legal issues arising over put offs filling contracts for the Toronto Transit Commission and Metrolinx.

Top officials from Bombardier met with Galloway and others discrete months ago “to give us their recovery plan, as they put it, to get themselves towards the rear up on their feet, and part of that was, of course, switching the production of our mechanism to the Kingston facility.”

It will be approximately 10 to 12 days to come the new vehicle arrives in Waterloo, where it will be tested, and additional apparatus added.

Officials with Bombardier could not be reached to confirm the followers was on its way to Waterloo. 

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