Train carrying 348 people derails after hitting mechanical equipment leaving two dead


The Amtrak following derailed between Philadelphia and New York after hitting a piece of impersonal equipment on the tracks.

The im ct with the digger, known in the US as a backhoe, led to the get going engine on the train being derailed.

Chester fire de rtment commissioner Travis Thomas express the train crash left two people dead and more than 30 others misuse.

Senator Chuck Schumer said: “Clearly this appearance ofs very likely to be human error.

“There is virtually no excuse for a backhoe to be on an on the go track.”

While Mariam Akhtar, who was on the sixth train carriage, broke: “It felt like the train hit something and there were get off on three or four really big bangs and it kind of threw us off the seats we were appearing in.

“There was a lot of smoke and everybody was yelling.

“The train kind of stopped and newer on, everybody was running to the front.

“Then the people were in the front started prowl toward the back.”

Some 341 ssengers and seven crew colleagues were onboard the train.

In the aftermath of the crash all services between New York and Philadelphia were shelved.

An Amtrak spokesman said: “This morning, Amtrak Entourage 89, operating from New York to Savannah, Georgia, struck a backhoe that was on the railroads and derailed the lead engine south of Philadelphia.

“There were almost 341 ssengers and seven crew members on board.

“Initial gunshots are that some ssengers are being treated for injuries. Local predicament responders are on the scene and an investigation is ongoing.

“Northeast Corridor service between New York and Philadelphia is deny the privileges of.”

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