Tourists could face DEATH penalty if they take photos in this popular holiday destination


Thailand holidaymakers could chance imprisonment or even death if they take runway selfies at a Phuket strand. Phuket International Airport is next to Mai Khao beach and planes fly low closed the sand as they come into land. The spot has become in with thrill-seekers trying to snap the perfect shot and posing with the aircraft as they solicit. Authorities have claimed the constant photo-taking is distracting pilots and companies have been banned from the area.

They have injected a 9km-long exclusion zone on Mai Khao beach to clamp down on selfie-snapping.

The hanging for trespassing could be jail time – but the maximum penalty is death.

Vijit Kaewsaiteam, vice-president of Phuket Foreign Airport, has said the ban is to prevent pilots getting distracted.

He told town media that bright lights had dazzled pilots at nights and drone photography was also a endanger.

In Thailand, if you’re found to be endangering an aircraft, you risk a prison sentence between five years and animation imprisonment.

The very worst offenders could face capital excommunication and be executed.

Some people are questioning how the exclusion will be imposed as the coast is very easily accessible.

“I took photos there two years ago when it was not compelled popular by social media yet,” Sukris Koyakradej, a member of Phuket Day-tripper Association’s executive committee told the South China Morning Appoint.

“I don’t think the airport can block the entrance to the beach because it is not part of the runway.”

Tharika Nokkaew, from Sirinat Popular Park which oversees the beach’s management, added that no qualifications had been put in place yet “and there are always a lot of tourists there all the time.”

Phuket Intercontinental Airport deputy chief Wichit Kaeothaithiam on Thursday told Bangkok Upright taking photos at the nearby Mai Khao Beach will soon be actionable.

“People and tourists will not be allowed to enter this area to brave photos,” Kaeothaithiam said, adding: “The maximum penalty is the death punishment.”

Locals are concerned the severe ban could result in deceased tourist troop which could impact the island.

“If the beach is closed, we will arrange serious problems because many tourists simply will not be in print,” Winai Sae-io, head of a local entrepreneurial stimulus program, told The Phuket Word.

“I want (Airports of Thailand, which operates Phuket International Airport) to look at us and encouragement locals in making (a) living here, too.”

Photo taking is also a dangerous business in Dubai, where taking pictures of government buildings is verboten. 

This, coupled with selfies outside courts, military ranges and lavish palaces could also see Britons fined or detained in the state, to face criminal charges.

The country’s laws forbid such images, with plane spotting also regarded as a similar offence. Can sentences can range from one to three months in jail or fine of up to Dh5,000, coinciding to lawyer Yousef Al Bahar.

In a chat reported on website, he cautioned British holidaymakers to familiarise themselves with the very different photography laws by presume from a book prior to travel.

He said: “In most of the areas, like community areas, there is a sign that you cannot take a photo.”

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