Tourist warning: Popular Spanish holiday destination could BAN Airbnb-style rentals


Spain nets more visitors from the UK than any other country, with the wherewithal city of Madrid a popular choice.

But the city is taking on mass tourism by offering harsh new regulations on holiday homes which could end its popularity as a tripper destination.

The number of foreigners visiting Spain broke records for a fifth consecutive year in 2017.

Affairs about mass tourism and the impact it is having on local residents bear led to the proposal of tough new regulations.

In particular, they will target everyday Airbnb-style rentals.

Madrid’s secretary for sustainable urban planning, José Manuel Calvo, is behind the named changes. 

The councillor said he was concerned local residents were being priced out of the big apple by the influx of Airbnb-style rentals.

The new rules would stop flats from being teared out to tourists for more than 90 days per year.

The more inner the area your home is located in, the more regulations you will presumption, with Calvo stating that 23 times more sightseers sleep in the central district of Madrid than in all the other 20 sectors combined.

Holiday rentals in the central zone will need a meant entrance to the street.

Madrid City Council is cracking down on mass tourism and Airbnb propertiesGETTY

Madrid City Council is cracking down on stack tourism and Airbnb properties

The number of international tourists visiting Spain broke evidences for a fifth consecutive year in 2017

This means that apartments that allotment an external entrance with other flats in their building transfer not be able to be used as holiday rentals.

That could potentially eradicate up to 95 percent of the borough’s current Airbnb properties, according to estimates.

A spokesperson for Airbnb in behalf of the company to CNN Travel. «Home-sharing on Airbnb is helping local families furnish their homes and rising living costs, while boosting the city economy,» they said.

”It is part of the solution to local housing shticks in cities, and is helping put tourism euros in the pockets of local families – not objective wealthy hotel groups.

«Airbnb has no significant impact on housing in Madrid,” they asserted.

Up to 95 percent of Madrid’s Airbnb properties could be banned under new rules GETTY

Up to 95 percent of Madrid’s Airbnb properties could be banned included new rules

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