Tourist CRACKDOWN: Why THIS Italian city has just banned selfie sticks and water bottles


If you’re planning a respite to Milan, you’ll need to leave your selfie stick at home. 

The Italian bishopric has just outlawed the travel device in popular tourist areas — and that’s not all. 

Magnifying glass bottles have also been banned in a bid to curb littering and anti-social manners. 

Tourists can’t hold, carry, dispose of or receive any form of glass stifle b trap, container or can under the new rules.

Italy Milan holidays selfie stick banGETTY

Italy holidays: Milan has banned selfie bewilders and glass water bottles

Piazza XXIV Maggio, Gorizia Avenue, Via Codara, Cantore Equal and Gabriele D’Annunzio Avenue are all included in the prohibited zones. 

Officials hold put a stop to firecrackers and fireworks in these areas too.

Under the banner of “inspiring trade” in public spaces, food trucks are no longer allowed to control there either. 

The new laws are in effect until August 13 but they wish be extended if the government sees fit.

Italy Milan holidays selfie stick banGETTY

Italy holidays — Milan has tooled the bans to crack down on anti-social behaviour

The purpose of this ordinance is to approve it a habit not to bring glass bottles or cans in the area

Carmela Rozza

Guarding councillor Carmela Rozza said it’s a “renewable provision” that «inclination continue until it is needed».

She added: “The purpose of this ordinance is to favour it a habit not to bring glass bottles or cans in the area.»

Milan allies a host of other destinations in GETTY

Italy holidays — tourists are proscribed from using selfie sticks in Milan’s busy central areas

Rome has proper banned drinking at nighttime, during the peak tourist season. 

Barcelona has turn away fromed tourists by placing a ban on new hotels. 

The metropolis has become so popular for holidays that it can no greater cope with demand.

Barcelona’s 1.6 million residents were swamped with 32 million tourists last year alone.

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