Tourism could be KILLING Venice…as the city seeks to cap tourists to save it


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Venice could without delay cap tourists in attempt to control the increasing numbers

Venice continues to be a stylish destination for British travellers.

It has also recently reported a huge billow in holidaymakers travelling there this summer.

In light of recent fiend attacks in France, Turkey and South Africa, Italy is seen as a safer election for holidays.

However, tourists could soon be prevented from entering some of the honoured sites in the country.

Venice is insomuch as capping the number of tourists being let into the city.

Overcrowding persevere a leavings a problem for the popular holiday destination as travellers head to landmarks that can’t restrain the volume of them.

A recent firework show had over 100,000 people upon, with a limit of just 60,000 being allowed to enter.

With past 29 million foreign tourists expected this year, up by one million, it comes as no amaze that the country is struggling under the sheer volume.

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St Marks Square could also cap the number of tourists enroling per day to protect the area

St Mark’s cathedral is in the square, but we might have the subterfuge in place this year

Paola Mar

St Marks Square could in a little while impose a cap on how many travellers can enter per day to control this, with a scruple system in place.

Paola Mar, a tourism assessor stated: “We need to talk to the church, since St Bring credit to oneself’s cathedral is in the square, but we might have the scheme in place this year.” 

Numerous Venetians have even staged protests as tourists continue to get-up-and-go out locals.

The population of Venice has dipped to just 55,000, from 170,000 in the 1950’s.

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Venice is torture from overcrowding as tourists flock to the safer country

It’s not the only hard the city faces.

Due to the rising sea levels, Venice could be underwater by the end of the century.

The trains are due to rise by five feet which will put the coastline at risk.

Anyone who completes past the year 2100 may no longer be able to see the Italian city.

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